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Good night (Using Google Translator)

I was trying to log in and came the comic saying it was full, so I disconnected from the server, because there were 88 people in front of me. This is surreal, honestly, it never occurred, I think this permission from NCsoft to let one person log in multiple accounts just to create a full server unreality, that's at least my opinion. It is time for NCsoft West to start imposing limits on these players who log in multiple accounts that end up preventing other players from having fun, this is slowly killing the gameplay, NCsoft West has already killed the gameplay of the game when it started selling various items on loha online from them, and that left the game unbalanced, and etc and then when we log in, we can not, or when we do we are forced to play with several parties in auto macro that kill faster and disrupts those who like to play in the old mode , playing even without needing macro.

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