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How to get PvP:ers, PvE:ers and NcSoft happier?!


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For PvP:ers:

In two-ways wars only, start with a static XP gain (plus party bonus) when you or your party killing a war tagged opponent. Also, the dead opponent will not lose any XP and neither gain. In this way, keep it interesting for players who love to PvP and they can fully enjoy the game for what it is.

For PvE:ers:

Increase variation of high end XP places and as well, increase XP for players who are currently level 105+. As you were saying, you removed the leveling cap, but making it nearly impossible to gain any XP at higher levels. Many players have stop playing, as it is nothing else to gain XP wised. It seemed utterly useless to grind for several hours or a day for only 0,01 % in a  total gain. To play with an alt can get in short term some fun, but in the end of the day, it's the main character they have spent the time with. Please, take this in consideration, it is probably one of the main reasons you are losing players as well as customers. How to keep the game alive? Attract the game for your current players too. More places to XP with increased XP gain for high end PvE:ers.

 When both PvP:ers and PvE:ers are happier = NcSoft will become happier (?) to keep your customers client base to move forward.

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