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Dungeon of the Abyss


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Good night!

As stated, the Dungeon of the abyss should be for 1hour only per character as stated even in the npc which give you tips about the place, quest and adds.

The Dungeon of the abyss are made so you can stay for only 1 hour inside, ok, for a group of 9 ppl in there, 1hr could not be enough. But there's a bunch of bots and afks which stays there indefinitely because the stated 1hour limit per day isn't work.


Please, fix this, so this way it can push away the bots from there.


Ps.: Make it to last 10% more for each player in the party, so this way you can be able to end the quest no matter how bad are your gear. Or maybe put the item drop rate 100% for everyone in the party(1 add killed 1 quest item for each of the party member), which should be the right decision, in my opinion. 

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