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New Server?


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Hello boys, looking forward to another classic launch.

As we can understand, these servers are already milked to its maximum and soon their end will come.
Whats your opinion on launching a fresh classic ? And, do you have any idea if it is on their plans?

Thanks, have a good day forward

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Talking island and giran won't die anytime soon; they are following same way of live server ("dying" since 2012).

I dont think NCsoft will bring any new classic server, however, I've heard rumors about 4game could bring it here in Brazil, not F2P; that would be nice since Real isnt a strong currency, the subscription model could be cheaper than Euro is.

Well, on top of that Lineage 2 M has been released already, multiplataform....I belive NCsoft/4Game will keep looking how it goes before decide to open another classic server.

Good day, take it easy and have a fun!

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