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Eviserator: Help with equipment PVE


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Hello, I am a new Eviserator, I want to increase my damage to PVE, I would like to be advised about the equipment, I tell you what I have:
* SET R99 Leather +6 FE
* Enhanced Shadow Fighter
* Belt PVE Atack. (the Olympics)
* Zaken earring, Orfen Soul Earring, Ring of Creation, Queen Ant Soul, Istina Necklance "warrior"
* Talisman Abundance Lvl.1
* Talisman Longing
* Venir Talisman Lvl. 8
* Ruby Lvl.3

That is all I have, that I could continue to buy for better damage, and if you could advise me the DYES which is recommended to place.
Thank you


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