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Good bye Naia, hello Cronos


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I was lider of Warlords clan ( ex Romania ) for more than 7 years. during this time, i saw my clan going in abyss and rise from ashes, for many times. all time, was our pleasure to rebuild the clan with few close friends. who believe like me in ideea of a pure romanian clan, and after in an international one. we had our glory, we conquer a castle, we fight many times for it, we had many many hours of nice farm and pvp, and delightfull moments of laughings and angry screamings in ts.

when the old glory of naia vanishes, we join the resistance alliance, in a last futile try to keep our server alive, but actually not fighting with dh, but more with the stubborn farmer menthality of decepted players who dont want to do more than daily factions or some innocent farm. we come to offer war, not peace, becouse we understand this peace is actually the silence before server will die in boredom.

becouse the low activity in this dead naia server, i decided to join Fotomoto cp, and transfer to a better server, with people who love and understand the game like us.

good bye naia, hello cronos, Super0ne/ iZalmoxis/ Eyeswideshut/ N4zgul >>   DJANG0 here.

big thanks and love to all my close friends and former clan members:

Corinuzza, Lolahope, iDeceneu, Aeolis, Kroman, CarolineMartial, Parastas, Aredehiel, Over9000, Kaora, Bocanila, CristiH, XAsura, SillentKiller, QueenTomyris, xCorvisx, DivinaLucis/Hulky, Franzella, ImAfraid, Adrenalina, Nightmaremode, Mimoproxodilla, 0glalas, Andlet, Rudorak, Shylox, Tooby, Flokki, Wtfinplm, Somebody,  MrOblio, Orubu, Onutu, Behindyourback/Doublesecrets, Kookoobungadunga, RomancacuTalent/VoceaRomaniei, the famous trio Gogoshika/Orczilla/ErikaAntonia, and many many others, all my love, thanks for help and respect.

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