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New Olympics


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Good night (Using Google Translate)

I have been experimenting with the changes that took place in the Olympics today and honestly noticed that these new changes give a huge and absurd advantage to high damage characters such as Feoh, Othell, Rangers, and that Iss who uses an HP burning skill. Why do I say this, that the new Olympics favor Feoh, Iss who launches HP-burning rocket, archers and high damage characters? Because simply time is short, there are 3 rounds, which time is too short. It is time for NCsoft to review a lot about the Olympics, one of them is not to use some items that are bought in the game store. It has to redo many skills, for example, the Iss that releases that debuff that burns HP, NCsoft needs to weaken it by something, because it burns around 400 HP per second and lasts 10 seconds, do the math, it turns to stone. But, depending on the equipment, it hits, has to decrease the chance of this ability to catch, or have a slightly greater reuse, or dramatically decrease its damage or have no physical damage.

Well, this new Olympics simply Feoh, Aero Healer, Archers, Othell, certain Iss will do very well, as they are class that possess or Hide, or skill that leaves them immune to damage and skills that remove target. I will talk to NCsoft again, the ability of Feoh, Iss and Lancer to cancel buff should be deleted, sorry NCsoft, because there is no item that protects against Cancel, protects against skills that cancels buff. It's time for Ncsoft to review this, because today I took a low lvl Feoh cancel and it didn't fail, while my silence +10 failed which is a beauty. Another thing, I noticed that the Aero Healer are too resistant to silence and stun, and I noticed that Iss, Aero Healer are too resistant to aggression, as Sigel will prevent them from taking their target and healing, or from Iss using skill that leaves them immune. To debuff, that aggression skill doesn't work right?

Bottom line: The new Olympics was created by NCsoft to leverage and benefit high damage characters like Feoh, Archer, Othell, Aero Healer who has been doing high magic damage even though it is just a healing class. Because the time is extremely short, they just hit and go, advantage, and NCsoft is incompetent because it made the changes without thinking about these simple things they should have thought of, right? For, Sigel Knight has no hide skill, no ability to remove target for a long time, no ability to leave damage immune, Sigel's only interesting skill, the Reflect damage, was destroyed with the huge amount. of items designed to make DDs resistant to damage.


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