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f00dmonsta    6

I am completely ok with people paying to get certain items in game, however many of those items should be attainable in the game as well. i.e.

https://l2wiki.com/Ultimate_Jewelry_Box#Sellers - Jewels. Currently the jewel market is completely dead with a handful of people who hoarded the stuff selling it. Or just sell the items in store permanently, so at least the market is vibrant and new players don't have to wait like 6 months for the next event. Events can then become something more like a sale, where you can buy in bulk.

I think NCWest's current strategy is like how some stingy restaurant owners run their business: Serve the least amount of food for the most money. Sure, the margins are awesome, but you'll have very little revenue at the end of the day because of low number of customers. If you're relying on a few hundred players who spend thousands a month, that's unreliable income, all it takes is 1 person to stop playing for whatever reason and you just lost a good chunk of your revenue. If you instead cater to thousands of players who spend a hundred or so a month (with a handful still spending thousands), you don't have to worry about your revenue bouncing up and down just because of a few players or unpopular events.

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