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hey my friend cant register..


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Hello everyone my friend recently decided to start Lineage II.. but he is NOT getting email verification on his email we tried multiple emails non of them worked can u please explain to me why its happening and how can we fix it?

Thanks for your attention.

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Tried using different browsers?

If i have had trouble in the past with one browser, another would usually work without issues.
With IE Edge & gmail combination i was able to make an account + verify it while with firefox & gmail combination i was getting a different error during the registration process compared to the one you got.
Also check for antivirus & other protection tools trying to hide your info as this might cause it too, also might have to clear cookies, also make sure to not use a proxy or latency service as they may also be prevented from completing registry.
Although granted the time frame you post it might also have been a simple downtime at the time you tried.

Regardless, good luck!

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