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Happy to be back


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Hi guys, i returned this weekend after a long time without playing l2, but as all you must know, you never really quit this game, you just pause it.

Glad to see the autofarm button, really an upgrade to the daily grind. But one thing creeps me out. There is no party anywhere! All you see are bot trains, or "units" as i saw in other post. I mean, the MMO part of the MMORPG is lost? or are there any clan that actually party/raid/organize anything? The autoparty is empty (except for selling a +19 Peril, GZ on that)

I mean, i love this game, i love to contribute to the clan, raiding, even if its a low lvl raid that drops 15 stems, just for the fun of it, i love to help others, even if im lvl35.

If there are any clan or group that thinks the same way, please answer this post, im willing to change server (anyway, im a 35 monk with top D wep, as i saw its easy to rerroll to that point) and im willing to change class to something more needed/useful, even i could change server.


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You don't say what server you are on.  What time zone are you in?  In 1.5 days 3 servers are merging into 1 due to lack of players. So that will have a lot to do with it.

With your name Aburrido, I think you would prefer a Spanish speaking clan.  There are many out there. 

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