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Spoil rate nerf on specific mobs & areas


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The spoil rate was already pretty low on most recipes/enchants or anything noteworthy but in the last 2 weeks it is non-existent.

Examples for same party composition / hunting speed if not faster:


- Nephilim Guard = 6+ hours farming = 1 time blue/sweep enabled, before rate was 1 time per ~ 2 hours. Other mobs here seem to yield a similar spoil rate as they did before


- Hallate's Maid & Hallate's knight = 2 hours = 0 times blue, before rate was several times per hour.

- Hallate's Inspector, Guardian & Commander = 3 hours = 0 times blue, before rate was a few per hour.


Was this change intended or is this a bug? I'd love to have "some" chance of getting recipes & items while hunting. 



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