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spirit of the golem

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  • Tyrr Maestro


as the tilte say the tyrr maestro get this skill spirit of the golem but i cant find any info about it when maestro take this skill what lvl etc 

any info will be useful

Skill Name


Power Hammer Crush

Reduced casting time and increased Power

Hurricane Blaster

Reduced casting time and increased Power

Hurricane Storm

Reduced casting time and increased Power

Edge of Storm

Reduced casting time

Spirit of the Golem

New skill, P. Atk. +30%, P. Skill Power +30%, 20% chance to trigger for a normal attack a skill that decreases the target’s HP by 30% (PC, normal NPC), 300 sec cooldown, 30 min duration, 5 Soulstones required to use

Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery

When equipped with a one-handed blunt weapon, P. Atk.+30%, Normal/P. Skill Critical Damage +15%, Normal/P. Skill Critical Rate +30%

Superior Shield Mastery

Increased Shield Defense Rate/Shield Defense and added Lv. 8 to 10 skills that can use Shield Defense in any direction (able to learn each skill at Lv. 106, Lv. 108, and Lv. 110)

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