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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    @Cyan hi, anyinfos about a fix on the drop of 16th anniversay aden treasure chest on field hunting grounds? example breka stonghold is on list but only Aden treasure chest is droping.
  2. spirit of the golem

    its lvl 106 skill. you need 8 rune stones to skill it
  3. Homunculus info

    the casino is not so bad to be honest.... at least it free to play casion ( no cash involved here)
  4. homunculus

    Hi, i would be supprised if juji answere you. Lets hope it comes like the update on 4game servers. but its good possible that some good stuff in that update not will be activatet on NC west. Some of the upcoming stuff is perfect to put into L2 store and not let it be free fram. GL
  5. Mana regen on hunting mobs

    yea there is nothing to do about bad behavior expect PK that guy. i am not realy sure why NC disable pvp in that place
  6. Single target "hate" and "lightning strike"

    wich tank you want to be only you didicde. at all SK is still the tank to make the party max DPS. i am not sure If pala + hellknight is realy played for pve / pvp becouse the best Tank for PVP is from what i know ET becouse he give top def stats. Rune stones yea the situation is fuked up. they are hard to recive or farm they changed in the past updates the droprate and framable quest for this item. Anyways the realy is you need them and they are hard to get ( or expensiv)
  7. Mana regen on hunting mobs

    HI, at the time i xped mentees i had the same problem sometimes. rebuild your party somethimes when a char was in town its somehow bugged If that dont help i guess there are palyers arround that do most dmg to the monsters you want to hunt and you aint recive MP back. GL
  8. Critical Damage of standard attacks

    HI; First question is to answere with NO! you are right the description on some ringes are confusing. but only if its writhen down P.Skill critcal DMG it will help you. I can be wrong on that one, maybe there are some ringes were the effect is good and i not know about it. Friends sayed best and cheapes way to get maxed out P. Skill crit Dmg are OLY reward ring + a ring from paulinas 30day equipment. would interest me too if this is true GL
  9. Single target "hate" and "lightning strike"

    HI, The tanks are mostly the same the only difference are th ecubics and the aura on lv 101. but the SK still have like all other tanks singel target aggresion skill calles "shield boomerrang". Singel target para skill is merged with into "vanishing stun" skill, the effect is chance on use GL
  10. Trying to return, but...

    Hi, i had some old chars too that was lvl 74 / 65 / 86 no one of them cloud take quest to do the usual quest line. A short time i thought maybe talk to support about it but then i found a nother account with 2 chars lvl 1 with them no problem. Maybe talk to support. but today they will have 24 hours char creation activ. So be fast after server down GL
  11. Apocalips BOW +30

    about R99->R110 maybe you better make it blessed and bloody R99. then the upgrade cost you only Elcyum + cry +....
  12. VOTE EVENT !!!!

    he talk about event not shop promo ..... i am not sure why some players think that this 2 thinks are the same...
  13. @Juji Why i lost 150% XP and now only lvl 105 82,315 %????
  14. Best Tank

    Ok to make it clear Its is possible to change your race. so if you want to be Main class tank and ORC race you have to invest Ncoins for a race change ticket. If you dont care If your main or dual is the tank only ORC is a must then creat a ORC and choos tank as sup. GL
  15. Extremely profitable for some people

    A Change on that CursedSword System would be good. something like when you took reward you cant pick sword for 15days. But there are so many strong players that even this will end in (naia situation) MAX or DH will farm it (eventualy fight against each other). So the situation will not change for the players that cry about it. becouse they cant farm something. I allready had the Luck to take the 5bil from sword sometime ago. Its not so easy and cost much time. I better keep on farming on field Best regards GOTT