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  1. @Conguero Looks like it is not working becouse the LvL of Burning mechanic Golem is to Low to decrease hp on monsters in KOO. Would be nice to see a raise in Skill lvl on BMG (max lvl atm 105) but i would be fine with anykind of fix on this issue
  2. Hello all, @Conguero I am pretty sure that Spirit of golem (30% HP decrease) worked for Burning Mechanic Golem too. I was hunting at solo areas last days mostly full AFK so i not noticed it before, yesterday i switched to KOO and saw that when the animation of Spirit Golem activates from the Burning Mechanic Golem no HP is decreased. so my question is, do i missed a skill change on it or is it a Bug
  3. I cant belive that so many archers crying here about that there class is broken now. you lost 50% sklill crit rate on 2 skills thats all, its not that your class is unplayabel now. thats just crazy phantaic At all i like the nerve and i guess everyone who aint play yul themselfs will like it and aint care your tears. And belive me NC aint care too, if this mainclass change comes with 17th birhtday event you can finaly switch your broken class..... LOL!
  4. also important is that you check your invetory limits and dont have any summons out
  5. Hi all, Thats a typical L2 problem, the players that was not smart enough to find the weakpoint in the system are unhappy. Its realy sad to see players cry about it.... and want NC to take actions against those players.... NC should do smothing but that is before launce or add something "think about it, test it and then try to abuse it" if its save! add it into game. Now all i see is toxic community is crying to handless GM's that have no clue about there product. It would be intersting to know if you only cry becouse you not "abused" it ureself becouse you aint foundout or ha
  6. hi, dwarf have race based 1 luc more, spoiler have a passiv skill that increase LUC by 3
  7. since this game is "play for free" GM/DEV's akt like dope dealers that know junkies will play no matter what
  8. GottWillEs


    Uhm you still life in last update? from what i see in tales untoled there is no area where you can do that anymore i guess you talked about FoS becouse now every spawn is that far from each other that you only can wish to kill more then 1 spawn no matter wich class you are playing. and the equip you needed to do so was more then like 500b for sure.
  9. GottWillEs


    SLOW means not as fast as an archer or feoh..... and that only counts if you not go for Skill crit dmg build
  10. GottWillEs


    For Pve i prefer Light set for PVE but for PVP heavy
  11. GottWillEs


    hi, Rodah is 100% right. Maestro is awesome class now. Crafting maybe is still a good thing for him becouse of his masterys if not for craft shop then atleast for yourself. I got 2 meastros almost lvl 110 and they are with TW light set +8 / r110 blunt +4 450 ele / creation ring + baiums ring + Frint Soul + Atlas & orfen soul no Forgotten skills higher then lv3. I would like to max Forgotten skills and see dmg but its to expensiv for me to skill it on my boxes. They hunt good at lvl 107 hunting gounds and IT is done in 20min. what i think no other class can do with same equ
  12. @Cyan hi, anyinfos about a fix on the drop of 16th anniversay aden treasure chest on field hunting grounds? example breka stonghold is on list but only Aden treasure chest is droping.
  13. its lvl 106 skill. you need 8 rune stones to skill it
  14. the casino is not so bad to be honest.... at least it free to play casion ( no cash involved here)
  15. Hi, i would be supprised if juji answere you. Lets hope it comes like the update on 4game servers. but its good possible that some good stuff in that update not will be activatet on NC west. Some of the upcoming stuff is perfect to put into L2 store and not let it be free fram. GL
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