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  1. Extremely profitable for some people

    A Change on that CursedSword System would be good. something like when you took reward you cant pick sword for 15days. But there are so many strong players that even this will end in (naia situation) MAX or DH will farm it (eventualy fight against each other). So the situation will not change for the players that cry about it. becouse they cant farm something. I allready had the Luck to take the 5bil from sword sometime ago. Its not so easy and cost much time. I better keep on farming on field Best regards GOTT
  2. Crystals of Determination

    hi, actually there is a way to obtain them ingame. you just need to crystalize R99 Weapons. Crystal of protection you can obtain via crushing/crystalize R99 Amor. GL and HF
  3. Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help

    Hi and maybe welcome back, Right now the situation is bad, most players quiting and the ones that start new are frustratet fast. All i can say give it a try. but choose your class wise and creat supports if you choose DD to avoid doing nothing becouse nobody is in your LvL range or online. If u dont make use of event lootboxes in L2store and avoid invest cash at all you cant lose. Gl and have fun
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    you answere the question yourself. Adena is on field in endless hours of farm, like the bots used to do
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    @ ALL! JUST STOP INVEST YOUR $ FOR NCOINS AND GOON WITH L2 IN PVE MODE YOU CAN ALSO FIND PLAYERS IN YOUR EQUIP RANGE TO PVP WITH @Juji The chance to fail on LV1 JUWELS OF THE GODS is realy a shame Its even more frustrating with a succesrate of juwel avarage and a high chance for the bottels. You coudnt fail bigger on that system update what makes it 100% fail that the only way to recive low grade scroll to upgrade is L2store Loot box. Personaly i always thought its a hobby and i have fun with it so its ok to invest some cash. This have changed becouse of the bad service and destructiv game policy. Thanks for saving my mony on this game that i love and wantet to support
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    I thought i like its becouse most stuff is to obtain ingame. If the lower stuff like Tauti / freya / Zaken / Frint had at last 50% drop rate it would be fine. But it will be like always some players was prepared for that system update, others dont. So the gap between the Top and Mid gear players will be even more frustrating. This will make most players just quit, hope most will just switch to PVE and STOP to invest NCOINS. Why not add older NCstore items into system ( cloaks/shirts) so your comunity have a chance to finish something with playing the game. From my point of view this would be the better way. becouse the wales are allready feeded and the rest is still hungry Maybe think about, some players might return to your game if they hear that they have a profit of something they invested on sometime ago. Anyways at all i have give a positiv feedback on this, but only becouse i have like 10 Wyrm rings and man many other shit in WH from older events. I feel sad for everyone who will need years to get there stuff. Thanks for adding something NEW INTO GAME and not into L2 STORE
  7. Crystal of Protection

    You move to BS select upgrade equipment and he shows you how much you need. only if you have blessed R99 amor if i am right, weapon is the same only need crys of determnation. gl and HF
  8. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    We talked about that ingame allready. it is always depending on your playstyle. most players are Instance players and not see the profit in a constant party that hunts on field. For pvp an tyrr is waste like Othel sad but true. the only classes for pve and pvp that is fine are #1 Archer / #2 feoh. A littel example of my farm 10hours at sos with 7 players in party. 2 of them have prestige pack nothing ealse is running. this is afk farm of 2 spawns SOS party area 700m adena + 500m item drop (sold to npc) + 2100 dmg spellbooks spoil = 400 lv 4 synte cokes + 14-20 Lv 5 synte cokes + 2 top grade spirit stones The Othel Seeker only have 46 luc so there is much more in it, but untill now i couldent find enough dyes to add them. what i get in intances everyday is usaly woth like 30-50m I promot groupp hunting ground even lvl 103 is fine with drops like in AF. if you can find good trustable players it is better way to farm your gear. GL
  9. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    If you are not the right lvl ok, if you cant find party becouse you are greedy thats your problem. For me is the point i have my own party so the spoil is 100% for me anyways. We both have our own opinion. thats ok for me Tyrr maestro is fine with tank/dual i lvl'ed like that too, but right now tank hard to XP for sure as solo player more harder then a Othel. so the only positiv about tank is that you can sare equip if you was using heavy on ur main. if you have light set maybe better a othel / archer class. GL and Have Fun
  10. Tyrr Maestro is asking about dualclass.

    About fortune Seeker, i switched dual from tank to seeker lv105 ( main tyrr maestro). At all Lv 104+ spots solo or party you can spoil Lv.4 & lv. 5 synte ckokes, weapon fragments and durandil. the way up to that point is hard becouse NC diabled spoil in low lvl areas. belive me there is a lot of mony in it and you have the profit in enchant of extra +3 luc. I like realy it and fine with my desicion Check the Rus L2wiki for spoils Thanks and GL
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Maybe ban bots! and players that abuse it, at least thats what happend in old times for stuff like this. but looks like the eula is just a joke The time have come to change the "truly free to play" into "truly free to login".
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    @Juji thanks for the info why it took so long to give us this simple answere? In fact you tell us we not buyed enough rose essences from L2 store! anyways its realy a shame that an recipe / item like this just get removed. For me the last (free to play) nail in the coffin! I got 25000 Divine protection Elexirs in my inventar looking forward to see them still after maintenace
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    @Hime Thanks for ignoring my questions about Divine Protection Elexirs and phonix blood from last maintenace Thread. Good Job ..I..
  14. Lacks of Tanks

    I dont get it why tank should be useless class. Its always up to your play style.... At all you have Lower skill reuse Def/mdef/ and so on from Aura more controle over the Trash you want to kill. If you are a solo player and choose tank yea thats bad desicion right now. From my point of view NC Kill Tank's right now becouse they only Added solo areas and DD's choose to solo/duo. Sad but true if you are a Tank without CP at this times you sit arround hours and recive partyinv decline. Me as tank main choose the way just to make use of multi box. My friend is DD so we build up a party that farms now at SOS. And becouse i like tank i got 2 of them in it to make 3-4 spawn's. So i get 50% of full party income and XP is fast enough. Maybe think about this way. at all i wish all the unsetisfied Tanks a soon Red Libra GL and Have Fun
  15. WTS many TOP STUFF

    Ruby Lv3 Sold Sapphire Lv3 Sold +12 Darl Retri 3 SA Sold