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CP LF Wynn/CW/Evi


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INT CP 100+ is looking for DD: Wynn/ CW (Othell)/ Evi

Requirements are not high:

Using discord (voice chat is not required);

Full element armor and weapon (min. 1 SA)


Monday: 17;00 GMT+1;

Tuesday: 17;00 GMT+1;

Wednesday: 19;00 GMT+1;

Thursday: 17;00 GMT+1;

Friday: 18;00 GMT+1;

Saturday: 16;00 GMT+1;

Sunday: 17;00 GMT+1.

These times can be changed depending from other's CP members agreement.

Playing time is 2-3h everyday.

CP activities are: CC; Baylor; Kama; Istina; E Istina; Octa; E Octa; Tauti; Ekimus; Gludio, Tavern. In the near future factions are planned to be added. 

If you have any questions or just want to join CP, you may write either here or in private message. You can also contact me in game: "Quanthis

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