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  1. Player and bot abuse, sure. This was just one of very few ways to make adena for casual player w/o p2w, so u removed it. I thought official server will be better than others, but it's much worse. I'm consedering leaving this crap. Also, you have time to make event by event, but my olympiad ticket is still waiting for answer from QA team for 5 months already. Guys, your company is a joke, not a serious one.
  2. This is ncsoft mate, of course they won't disappear.
  3. When Great Olympiad reward system will be finally fixed? QA Team was supposed to receive information about this bug over 4 months ago, yet they hasn't repaired it.
  4. Quan

    CP 103 LF Healer

    English speaking PvPvE CP 103-104 with discord server LF any class of healer, 103+. Must be very active. CP Times: 17:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 19:00 Wednesday; 16:30 Saturday and Sunday. Time zone: GMT+2 in summer time, GMT+1 during winter time. Usual play time is 2h 30 min, on weekends exceeds up to 4h (with break, of course). Activities: -> AF/Altar/1x Faction from GC/AF/GoS (daily); -> Epics containing: Ekimus, Epic Istina, Epic Octavis, Epic Tauti (once per week); -> Other $$ instances containing: Tauti (once per week); Tavern (triple per
  5. Tanks dont matter? What are you talking about? Try making Altar for e.g. with medium geared pt and w/o tank. Have fun not passing 2nd room.
  6. New life to game with defending cursed weapon? I see what you mean, but I just see guy who locked in his fortess and killing his toons for PK. What you gonna do now? I not really do find it as new life, sorry mate.
  7. Well yea newbie not really know how important tanks are in late game. Sorry for late replies guys, I always took this forum as cancer and you suprised me
  8. 1. Tank were not always scarse resource. I will remind you High Five chronicle, when tanks were so OP everyone played them. 2. I agree. 3.I agree too 4. That's what I said, tanks were made p2w in Salva update and people who could play at least this class now are not able to. Lastly, feoh/tank is one of dumbest combo I can imagine. Especially that I can't afford some gear. And my bro sacrified himself and switched from yul to tank, one sacrifice in family is enough
  9. Nah, I was just sitting in parna because it's not lagged as Aden. I was gathering pt for Altar
  10. So, I'm here sitting in Parnasus. Why do I sit here? Hum... My CP tank has 99% frequency, yet he can't be here today. And we have to find random one. So we are waiting.... waiting. already one full hour passed, sorry pt, I'm done. They are not suprised, some of them left before. You know what I think is the reason, that espacially tanks are so hard to find? The reason is that NC nerfed them, nerfed so that you need freaking good and skill enchancement to play a tank. Honestly I'm curious if NCsoft even know what they did and that so few tanks left, at least in NA.
  11. Lack of patch notes is really not first time NCSoft shows they don't care about players. Try to tell them that a skill is bugged or server is lagging. They will play dumb and dumber with you, acting like they don't know about the problem. Unlikely bugs, which casual dumb player may not see, now just everyone can see this disrespect for player, isn't it?
  12. International CP GMT+2 Summer Time/GMT+1 Winter Time level 103 (Healer 102) is looking for Yul archer, Play time about 2-3h everyday. Required +10 Dark/Bloody Bow or Enchanced Shadow Thrower. Discord required only for text chat. CP classes: Sigel Knight, Feoh Archmage,Tyrr GK, Aeore Shilien Saint, Iss Spectral Dances, Othell Ghost Hunter. Contant only in game "Quanthis.
  13. INT CP 100+ is looking for DD: Wynn/ CW (Othell)/ Evi Requirements are not high: Using discord (voice chat is not required); Full element armor and weapon (min. 1 SA) Times: Monday: 17;00 GMT+1; Tuesday: 17;00 GMT+1; Wednesday: 19;00 GMT+1; Thursday: 17;00 GMT+1; Friday: 18;00 GMT+1; Saturday: 16;00 GMT+1; Sunday: 17;00 GMT+1. These times can be changed depending from other's CP members agreement. Playing time is 2-3h everyday. CP activities are: CC; Baylor; Kama; Istina; E Istina; Octa; E Octa; Tauti; Ekimus; Gludio, Tavern
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