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Quest fairy Mimyu


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guys where exactly is this fairy Mimyu. I am at Enchanted Valley to waterfalls, but i didnt see her.

I have to play long time L2 but i remember before 6 years was to this location to waterfalls of Enchanted Valley. They have remove this Npc Fairy Mimyu?

And if they have remove her how can i finnish my quest fairy stone for the hatching?

Thanks a lot i will wait your reply guys.



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Since they revamped whole EV to 102+, they moved Mimyu to the spawn area when you teleport to Enchanted Valley, from Hunter's GK. She nows gives quests for 102+ ppl through the EV faction, but dunno if she it will accept talk with you (she was very very c*cky in ol' days!) -_-

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