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Exalted Dye


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Hello, everyone! 

I just came back from a long break and I see many changes. /sigh/ I have been playing the game for years, but I have been noob the whoooooole time.

There are so many questions I'd like to ask, but I will write down two for now. :D


I just completed the 1st exalted quest and received three of exalted INT dyes. I went to get it printed, but I didn't have any slots left.

I have lv.5 legendary wit, lv.5 legendary men and lv.3 legendary int already printed on my character. Or I might be understanding this completely wrong.


Question 1;   Should I delete one of mine and use the exalted dyes or just keep mine the way they are?

Question 2;   What is  engraving symbol and how does it work? I bought some powders and used them to see what happens. It filled up the guage and nothing really happened.


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you with much love.




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1. Only replace the tattoos that you currently have if the Exalted Dyes offer better stats. For example, if you have three +5 STR, +1 DEX dyes, then you don't need to replace them with the Exalted Dyes that are +3 STR, or whatever. The point of Exalted equipment is to help the people who are not rich and can't really afford to upgrade stuff any other way.

2. Click on one of your tattoos and you will get the Engrave Symbol Window. You will see Symbol Effect and Seal Effect on this window. Symbol Effect depends on what type of tattoos you have and can boost your stats like HP/MP/CP, P. Def/M.Def, P. Atk/M. Atk, etc. Hover over Seal Effect to see what the extra boosts are from your dyes, including any special dyes that might have which increase P.Skill power or whatever. Using the Dye Powder activates and replenishes those extra boosts. When you click on the powder you will see your gauge increase. The gauge reduces as you hunt, so you may want to keep extra in your inventory, if you can afford it. 

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