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more special hunting instance zones for newbies


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why not put more zones for newbies? its just only one easy zone from 99 to 105 and when you are 105 can't go to others because with exalted items there dont do dmg. so why not put more instances in game ? any others MMORPG have a lot of newbies instances zones where can easy hunt and lvl upp till they got good lvl to enter stronger instances and have enought dmg to kill there enemy. yes yes all can leav a comment here get items get things and bla bla bla... but where ppl can get items w/o lvl? w/o farm? to groowe up.. lol... LF compromis

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lol, im in clan and what ? if need 1 week to get 1% xp and get 1kk adena its a crap.... when mobs drop 1k adena or sometime dont drop it... so how for newbies live and have fun here ? Live games like  Aion. BlackDesert. and any others mmo competitor games will give more things in game than l2.... and in web writen free to play... where u see free to play ? if cant make items w/o spend euro... lol. broken system... i was on break 2 years. and when back here nothing changes same shit stays like was 2 years ago. just put more shit in l2 store where pepole need buy nccoins for money.

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