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Offline private shops


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my suggestion is based on server i´v play a long time ago they use an addon type that make character sell stuff in private store but in offline mode 

now why this is important to me and probably to many other players ....

because in summer where i live is so many hot that if we leave pc connected to sell in stores we need to use air conditioned connected to so we can enter the pc room 

the electricity is very expensive in my country and it is hard to play in summer 

i´v already stop playing in summer because of this

I do not understand the effects in the markets within the game but it would be a great help to those who live in the heat

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Hello and welcome back,

Its still like in the dayes you played for a private store you have to be logedin. but they added a while ago a Auctionhouse where you can sell stuff 10 items from every char at same time. so if you are willed to pay a littel for store it in auctionhouse this will maybe suits your situation.

GL and hope fully your electicity will get way cheaper :)

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