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Sharing Equipment Skill (Wynn sumoner)


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The Sharing Equipment skill text says "The ability of the equipped item transfer to your servitor".

What does this really means?

I've heard several different understanding from this:

1-It only works for bloody/dark pve/pvp stats.

2-It transfers the element of your weapon/set.

3-It transfers the armor/weapon effects.

4-It does nothing.

It's not easy, at least for me, to get the necesary runes for this, so i would like to know what it really does before spending time on getting them. Should i get Curse Exposure or Demonic Cruicifx instead?


Thanks for your help!!

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#1; Dark, Bloody and Shadow weapons only. Servitors share the attack/defense attributes of the master by default. If you don't own any of these weapons don't waste your stones on this skill for the time being.

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