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Appearance change to Exalted and Paulina sets


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Dear NcSoft, would you like to make bonus money from people's dual accounts, alt characters and mentees, while keeping the game balance and mechanics untouched, while making players happy? 

I am sure that you do.

PLEASE let us use the appearance stone on Paulina and Exalted sets. Hell, maybe limit them to S80 sets or below, plus L2 store outfits. Everyone will be happy. Yes I know I can get real armor for them, but I REALLY don't want to go through the trouble.  We're talking billions of Adena just to have the option to use real money to change my elf's skirt. Also 99% of all characters that we see around look the same, because they are alts, boxed accounts or mentees. Some visual diversity would make the game look less boring.

All to let people like me spend real money in your store to decorate my alt accounts with some sweet sweet nostalgia.



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