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Recipe Drops - Updates & Database


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It would be great if people can share any recipes they have found and see if we can make a impromptu database here to help each other out. 

  • Confirmed drop for "Recipe: Theca Leather Armor". I believe this came from Plains of the Lizardmen, but don't remember. 
  • https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recipe:_Theca_Leather_Armor (not updated on wiki)
  • Cruma 3 is now dropping Top C gear. All Full Plate, Theca Leather, Divine Set, Plated Leather Armor. 
  • Please share any spoil recipes from Cruma. Hopefully Full Plate recipes can be found here. 
  • Other lesser traveled zones have recipes scattered. Hunters Valley, Timak Orc, Plains of the Lizardmen. Alligator Island probably has new recipes. 


  • Confirmed drop: Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade) - Cruma 3
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Looking for Recipe: Reinforced Metal Plate

It used to be spoiled from Excuros in Cruma Tower, but with the whole level change in Cruma tower, that's not the case anymore. Can someone help me?

I think it might drop from Ragna Orc Prefect? But where can i find this mob? :D

I can confirm that Recipe: Maestro Anvil Lock & Recipe: Maestro Holder are spoiled from mobs cruma tower 3 (Mordeo and / or Ricenseo)

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