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Bug Terrain Exploit abused from clan Winterfell (Naia)


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In Reference to not abusing bug terrain, today I want to show u to you that a player from the Naia server , after annoying various clans all long day and piking various people, for quiet exping goes to the old area DESIGNATED by you as "exploit bug terrain" to avoid being reached by the players(that don't have it a wyvern or an old my teleport saved there, because @Juji told to cancel it this saved spot) who tortured and harassed the whole day for no reason. This player is already known by novice players of the server, where he enjoys to annoying them for no reason whatsoever, also after being referred to your support service several times. To be sure of what I am referring to you I have well thought of making a video where I show you that it is not possible to get there except with a wyvern or with an old teleport previously saved there. Where you have warned all players to please cancel these ambiguous teleports to allow all players to play equally.


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