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Solo playing as a dark avenger.


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Right now,i am leveling an orc shaman for solo play. But i always liked the human classes,specially tanks. Back in C4 i was a paladin and i was rekt by dark avengers like a fool. The C4 have not all the skills the tanks have now,so i have no idea how are the stats if those two tanks fights,i think paladin with angelic icon is a badass,but only for a time.

I question somethings to a level 54 paladin in game,with S grade equipment,he says that at low levels,the tanks can play solo,but in higher levels need plenty of buffers and summoners for a good hunting party.

My desire is to play a dark avenger,i play solo,so i think it two times before start one. If only i can find partyes at higher levels,i will level up my dark avenger satisfied.

What i want to know,if this tank ingame is saying the truth,cus i think with reflect,drain and the panther i can level up right,the main problem gonna be mana points.

I read in l2wikiclassic.com that tanks have a skill that i not remember,focus mind. With that,the mana recharges better. So i think the leveling gonna be right.

I need your opinions,cus i tryed a gladiator,a summoner and now an orc shaman cus the gladiator have not hp drain,and summoner is slow killing. With the orc shaman the leveling is not a problem,but my desire is to play a tank. I had the intention to buy a grade A heavy armor for my orc shaman for solo,but i really like to be a tank,and this armor i can use it on a supposedly new tank toon.

I want to know if tanking solo in l2 classic is viable at higher levels. I plan to play with ingame people i meet in the journey,but atm i play solo.

Should i continue playing with my orc shaman for buffs and so or i can play a dark avenger relaxed? Because i think the dark avenger is much better than paladin in PVP,but this guy paladin in game says that paladin is now better. Any feedback please?

And please,if i create a dark avenger or continue with my warcryer,depends on your answers. Do not say "you create a lot of toons,please stick with one" or "you have no idea of what you do"

I will stick with dark avenger or stick with warcryer depend of what your feedback say. And gonna be my main class depends of that.

I expect an answer with respect. I play solo,take in mind that.

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