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Summoners are bad for pvp?


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Today i did 2 pvps in ant nest with my elven summoner level 35,the first one was an orc raider pk,so whatever he tryes i always win,but i had not the balls to kill him,he uses moon heavy armor and free duals,so i must leave him free for anyelse kills him,either he had not the balls to kill me,so was a tie.

The second pvp was with an orc shaman who was stealing my npcs without manner mode,i always have manner mode if i see people around me hunting,but this orc not,so i did to him a warning,i hit with the staff and i leave.

The orc runs back to me and he uses drain to me,so i must defend my self. The orc shaman had no idea how to use the character or he leaved me to win,anyway he do not use drain mana skills or sleep or other skills i know have orc shamans,he only uses drain on me and on my horse,so i must only heal the horse and attack him with aqua swirl. I win the pvp like a fool,was an easy pvp,so i have no idea if he uses all orc shaman skills who would win.

I say this because he have B grade stuff and me C grade.

Was an annoying pvp,i only need to use aqua swirl all the time and my horse hitting him. Seriously,or the orc shaman have no idea of use the class or he leaved me to win.

So i question that,are summoners bad at pvp? With the orc raider was a tie and the orc shaman pvp,was a win but annoying win.

Tell me if those two orcs leaved me to win or is just the they have no idea of play his class?

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