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Add a cd to get loot from field raid boss and reduce respawn


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I've participated in a few random field raids partys in my time, and i must say its really one of the best parts of this game. The opportunity to meet new people alone makes it worth it.

To prevent the 2 ubers from killing all of the raid bosses on spawn and lock everyone else out of the content, I suggest two things:

1. Add a cooldown not to the raid boss spawn, but to the players themselves, making them unable to get loot/xp from the same raid boss more often than once a week or so.

2. Reduce the re-spawn timer of all raid bosses to 2-3 hours or so.

This ofc does nothing to prevent some one running a farm 24/7 with 20 ubers, but at the very least we'll have the chance to actually kill stuff making random partys.(Actually seeing groups instead of only shops on LFG would also be nice).

As a side effect of this change, every single piece of low lvl gear will go down in price. Making the progression towards R99 easier and reactivating the economy.

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