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2 Types of Night Market Coins - Issue


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Currently are 2 types of Night Market Coins available in l2, the ones outside of promotion are tradable for rewards through Dimensional NPC and the ones in Black Friday Promo are different type of coins(same name), not working to exchange anything through the Dimensional NPC, please help us with a solution for this issue. 


Kind Regards,


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19 hours ago, Hyunkel said:

Hi everyone,

Please contact Customer Support regarding this issue. They should be able to help you.


So you remove them from the store without notice (according to event details they should be available until 2/12) and then ask from the players who were fast enough to purchase them to talk to support in oder to get the correct ones...

You treat us like @$% once more...

Most of the time i feel robbed by the company itseld in this game..

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