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The server is dying :(


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Why? Because you don't listen to the players?
I'm shocked. You have made a product that you want to sell. Normal business. Companies all over the world spend a lot of money to find out what product customers want. They adjust their product to the needs of customers so that it sells better.

I am shocked at how ineptly this project is being managed. The only sensible reason that comes to my mind: you want to collapse this project and shut it down. It doesn't make sense for me to repeat what the players wrote starting with the "fix the server" protests. You don't care. You make some insignificant changes or those that only spoil the game even more.

I will only write about one. You have limited the number of running clients to 10. What is the effect of this. Adena's sellers set up several computers anyway and bypass this limitation. The 20 or 30 most addicted players also play on several computers. In a week they can earn 400 kk.

Normal players who treat this game normally as entertainment and not a way of life cannot earn any money by playing normally. They are frustrated. They have left the server or will do so soon. They are not able to raise adena for shots, cursed bones, gear ect. It's obvious, as well as many other things that you don't change to improve the comfort of the game.

Be ashamed, NC Soft has failed.

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