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A step in the right direction


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Hi all,
When they asked us for some feedback months ago we gave them a lot of feedback.

What happened so far?

1. We got potions from mobs to increase attack attributes.

2. We got an exp event in October which allowed some people to get 1-1.5lvls. Creating a lot of new people boxes to 108-110 eventually.

3. They brought La Vie en Rose event which was just a scam in price and then introduced Greedy chest, just a kill in the nuts for most people.

4. They introduced Greedy chests, nice touch but it needs some improvements, since the 3-5 people on Naia farm it with their 50 boxes and ding ding program, so it requires a more fair structure there. Implement a debuff on players so they cannot kill it more than once per day. Monitor the guys who frequently kill them, if they are even close from a chest at that time or if they simply jump suddently on it. My party was lucky in Ketra over night afk to get a lvl5 gem, our party mate was the happiest person on earth. Now change it to spawn to people actually farming in that zone to avoid "random farmer jumps".

5. New exp tables, nice touch, but people who spent a lot of effort in old exp tables, should have been adapted to the new one, means increasing their lvl. I invested in some cakes, now it was wasted. New people get rewarded by lowering their lvling curve.

6. New exp tables = people will be in Exalted for longer, which will let them hit 107-109 and then same will happen what should happen at 107, the pay wall.

7. GM Buffs was an appreciate move. People who were online could benefit from it. People will always whine when they are not playing. So active people were rewarded.

8. Implement lvl5 gems now for 20 bucks each, this will kill the greedy boys who farmed those gems and will eventually have to drop prices.

9. Please for the sake of God, I appreciate these free item events, but they literally give close to no reward. Either my character 112 is the unluckiest on earth, but now 1 year later, I never got a real items or a useful item except roses & exp scrolls.

10. Introduce from 107-111 zone a group exp bonus. I see always the same 111+ players active for the last 6 months. I never see new players jumping in.

11. My wish list: increase party members from 7 to 9 players. Something that would ease party survivability in Ketra/Varka. I see a lot of new parties trying to go there and supports (healer/tank) are needed more than ever, but I had to make my own tank because I simply cannot find another active one for my own CP.

12. Block RMT / ding ding programs / cheater and start banning people for their bad cheating behaviors and monitor more these activities where a character has a huge gear change and where this comes from. A lot of people I know have opened multiple tickets with bulletproof pictures and no action was taken against those cheaters.

13. Make more ingame appearances within your game, even without GM Buffs, but simply by patrolling inside the game in stealth mode, watch players etc, would show you were are the hiccups and where to improve user experience.
14. Keep the hard work and let's enjoy together a better gaming experience for all.


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