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  1. Congratulations NC... I am looking for a nice compensation in the middle of the weekend...
  2. They will ask you to logout for 12 hours, if you open a ticket when they go sleep, the issue will not be solved for 24 hours. This is why, when opening 7days Rune is a complete waste, because you lose more time on XP event than they need to restore the item.
  3. I am the one who killed you often in WoA and who exp near you in SoS The Eviscerator has permanent the buff even when moving around the circle killing 1 by 1 since it mostly 1 hits everything. Vitality only improves Adena when wearing the right Juju.
  4. I am glad that we got the game ported to a new server. Since I work in IT, I know sometimes you have to do some optimizations after an upgrade, which are done on weekend when coworker are not on site. The only think that bugs me, is the way they do it. Ask Amazon, Facebook, Google etc to be down during 12 hours in a row & later down again after a day, what would people think about it. In this particular case, we pay for a service that belongs to NCW, but it is our money that we are freely willing to spend, so the least courtesy they could have would be to return the boost th
  5. I usually do approx 5.4b in dual spot as a Yul. Now with the Buff, I am able to hit 6.6b like before they nerfed IOS 112+. Seems to work for me. Same experience with an Eviscerator 110 who stays all the time with the buff up.
  6. Hello, I have the issue than you do. 2 out of my 3 accounts cannot buy any Ncoin. It only happens when using the PayPal method with the VISA it worked on my 3rd account.
  7. I came back a year and a half and yet I am 115 and I am slowly catching up. Even at 115, I am far from the top dogs, still close to Mid-Top range, but I am able to go to Gludio siege and have fun there now as long no one with a Dragon weapon or Blood-Thirsty weapon shows up to one shot everyone from the siege. In order to catch up over time, you need to invest approximately 500 bucks per month in various events. Once you hit 112+, you only need IOS/PI/SI Stones to do the daily hunting zones in order to get some "decent" Adena income, which costs you approximately 250 bucks and the r
  8. Hi, It is what it is.. I came back in December 2019, since there have been multiple free events. Guess who won 0 items since? Me... I usually take the freebies & sell the freebies. In this event, it allowed me to play with roses most of the time for a maximum of 10-15m per rose, which is a bargain. If you do IOS, SI, PI, Atelia Refinery, Crisis, you buy 2roses + 1 cocktail for 1 hour hunting. You should make a good profit while hunting if you are able to hit reasonable, the costs of buying the event stuff should allow lowbies to hit for a couple of weeks with more da
  9. People still don't get it, do they? Make a YUL for farm & Adena income, gear to a sweet spot & transfer Adena for your main character that you wish to play. Wait next XP event and make a new one just for farming purpose & lvl it only during XP events. My highest character is indeed a YUL which I like to play, but it dies quickly in PVP without proper support behind you or if you do not have proper PVP items. But it serves me mainly to support my other 2 DDs characters & support characters that I have, since I am able to gear them faster overtime since I invested h
  10. It has nothing to do with a "nerf". When you increase a CD from a class, it means less damage output overtime in PVE, which means XP income is slower, which means longer time for 120, which means usage of more boosts to keep up with the damage, which means more L2Store. It is simply based on money income. Good example: I swapped my gear from Yul to a close ranged toon, same gear, same forgotten lvl skills, same dyes etc, the Yul still does more damage output, consumes less mysterious soulshots, exp in a group is quicker, etc. On my closed range toon, I spend 10x more mysterious s
  11. When people will stop buying from L2Store for 6 months in order to get their attention then they will actually do something about it, but until then "works as intended".
  12. Anonymous? They can tell us who wins stuff. I wouldn't mind if people knew I won something. They did it for some events in the past, why not on all events so people would actually see the outcome of the event/pay boxes.
  13. Guess what is the next step. Since I wrote an official mail to all mails they provide. Been in relation with couple of friends who are lawyers and they are already rubbing their hands after all the stories & seeing the Excel file information. Sometimes you need to strike on someone's wallet to make them react. Since our beloved GMs are totally radio silence, this says it all.
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