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  1. Farming 50 Claws will take forever, so does L2Store Promo.
  2. You can extend the Sayha Blast Chest promotion for two months as long rates remain bad. Still waiting on Einhasad Shop
  3. They will never work as long Chronos players are spending thousands of dollars into bad boxes. Naians have understood the robbery, this is why many people I know actually have stopped or quitted the game.
  4. Simple: - Don't buy from Auction House - Don't buy from L2Store - Stack Adena which you farm People try to push the prices of the few items left in Auction House and stack more Adena for no purpose other than RMT which is promoted under @Juji responsability, who does not see it or is not willing to see it. L2Store will be forced to change in decline in sales after a couple of months. When prices are back to normal, spend the earned Adena. Those who left, won't look back to this mess situation and are happy having cashed out. Got multiple friends who actually made
  5. This would be new even for you! Keep your R-gems for the futur weapon
  6. 100% garbage as always Stop buying since rewards are bad for past 6 months.
  7. Lucky Seven Sign & Shining Dye. Because otherwise you would have not break even in Adena vs Ncoin.
  8. @Juji @Hime @LIME Where are we going with this if I may ask? I bought 100 boxes from players (approximately 30b in Adena = 4000Ncoin). After opening a bunch of Rare Book of Splendor which are useless as Splendor Fragment drop in such low rate & potions & 1x Authority Ornament (which pays back) and is useful for once. I saw multiple people's opening (5k - 10k boxes), best items were 1xBlood, 1xClaw, 2xVenir 18, Seven Sign, Insanity, 1-2Gran Kain scrolls for Circlet, Shirt, which cannot be used because going from +5 to +7 is a broken end, random lvl4 Jewel box that no
  9. Well, asked the same question to someone else two years ago and it seems it is not stopping 15$ Prestige, 22b in Adena =2 days of farm. Maybe if they put Einsahad Shop, I might reconsider buying boxes until then not gambling blindly anymore.
  10. Dunno where you get that $50 statement. Then the 24/7 lately not much that I find time to logout, because the game does provide nothing in content, no rewarding boxes that provides items to the server. Have you seen server items lately on Naia which appear? I just saw couple of friends box openings and it is mostly potions 95% of the time, lvl4 gems which they already have, even Artifact book enchant (come on..), rarely an items that they could try to enchant like Dragon Earring, enough Splendor Fragment and the list goes on and on. Like we need even more XP right now and not it
  11. Make the event with the 4 first rows(top items) of what you can get and see how sales will go up since people will be sure to get those items once for all. This is what everyone needs right now, not the rows below since enchanting is messed up for close to a year now. Add Splendor Fragment & Deton & Royal Gold & Rare book of Splendor & Authority Ornament on that list and we are fine. I already stacked Brilliant Rose's, and other boosts for upcoming XP event. Don't need again the same items over and over again. Knowing how it is gonna end, one must spend approxima
  12. I made 2 out of 5 parts limited myself and that was last year. Since then, we haven't gotten any decent bloody/dark armor stones event. Even farming Gainak, takes forever to make the whole set only for 1 person. Approx 20-30 stones per day if lucky enough, you need approximately 1900+ for whole set. I will let you count the days/months required and at 400m+ each the price. Last free event, they were supposed to be inside the boxes. Dunno about you folks, but combined with CP members we had around 10.000 boxes farmed together and yet, no one got a single dark armor stone. Wondering wh
  13. Do you want the long or short reply? Short reply: No. Long reply: Hell no.
  14. Installing it is all I did. Dunno why he has problems. Unless on his tablet he uses pointer instead of PC mouse, unless he uses keyboard or mouse macro on his PC and when switching to his PC on the desktop, the keys are fired and make the screen fall black. Stuff someone must figure out by themselves. Know over 50 people using same solution and no one ever had an issue with Chrome remote. Other solutions like Teamspeak or Anydesk were glitching with my keyboard macro, but Chrome Remote Desktop was working the best. So instead of clapping on 1 person who tried many other sol
  15. Seems to work fine for me. Been using it for the past 6 months. Google Remote works flawless.
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