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  1. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    It is luck. I spent over 150 Top Stones for p.skill CD +15% on my R110, no success. Was tired. Next day, I bought 10 Super Stones, baam on 3th try I got p.skill CD +20%. I felt like the luckiest person on earth. I would recommend you to buy them in 50 or 100 batch to increase chances. Keep trying One day you will succeed.
  2. Prices for basic Materials

    Hi, Yes fishing is the way to go. In a week I made 8 Elcyum with 3 chars fishing. Means for your 107 Elcyum it will take approx 13 weeks +- (3months). In order to get a good weapon, either you bring the cash or you invest time. I would suggest, you start saving adena for fancy rods. GL.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Getting 3 Greater Jewels means you are lucky. Because I spend double of the amount to get nothing close to yours.
  4. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    @GhostintheShell The game has changed in 15 years my friend. Back in the days, grinding was hard, but there was a solidarity within a party where everyone had his job. Today, you do your dailies and leave all support classes behind since duo with ISS goes faster than helping healers/iss/tank on solo track. If after so many years, your party constitution hasn´t changed, so haven´t you and you seem to be a greedy person who wants all for himself, while other share as much as they can to grow together. Since 106 I have been partying with a tank friend, today we are almost together 109. That´s called solidarity! TEAM! A team that will go together in PVP! Stay in your corner and keep your frustration for yourself, but don´t bother people who try to make partying important again. Whining has always been part of people´s mentality, but if it is for the good, why not change things.
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @InnerSphereGunGrave when people will stop to invest money into game, big players will have to do it instead of trading Adena. At some point, big players will have to invest money into game in order to remain competitive if they can´t buy anymore items from small players. It´s a Ponzi & Pyramid scheme ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme ) As long, the sheep below pays, the big fishes get their money. Once the big fishes made enough money and leave, the whole system will break down. This happens with pay events, where new items comes. Small players can´t make the new item -> sell it, big fish arrives and buys it instead and rewards the baby fish with little Adena. Best thing, would be to send for free all players 110+ to a server without their consent and leave all < 110 players on the server and see how long they survive.
  6. @Nastyyy seems NC was listening to you for the 50% extra See latest maintenance notes.
  7. One month anniversary at L2

    We finally got our "anniversary" through loot boxes again. See the new event. This was something they got for free in Korea, but we get a paid event instead.. Speak for fairness.
  8. Chance

    I embrace the idea of this also. There is a flaw, when dragons died, the server gets XP Boost. This would mean to have the real Antharas etc to be an instanced zone and all players get 3 hours of exp boost when accomplished. Also we have the "baby" Antharas that everyone can do. This would require a complete revamp of the game for NC. And we know "never change running system" ... This is what NC does the best!
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    Here over 2GB of log files which were over a month old. Why NC doesn´t deletes them... Imagine you play for a year... This would be over 20GB of hard drive storage only for log files. Never seen a game do something like this.
  10. I started in December to play. From gearing up to exp, I am lvl108 54,7% in a 6 month interval. I make 2 - 2,5% per day at lvl108 with 200% Rune. And boy, I do everyday: Castilla 110, IT, PI, Storm, IOS, Phantasmal Ridge (because it gives me the best exp/hour at lvl108 with my gear!). I even quit my CP because we were all doing more exp in solo/duo mode everywhere than being in party together in Tanor/Alligator/FoM. This is just hilarious to ask someone to "pay" for experience vitality potions when you see how long it takes to lvl. @mixa I would do 4-5%% per day with Vitality Maintaining Potion (1h), this would cost 3.840 NCoins per day and 115k NCoins per month. Means 1-2k euros per month for "exping" in a game. Hell no this is crazy and totally cut from reality. @ArctodusSimus equipment makes a huge difference, but the majority comes from lvl. I saw a huge damage increase from 107 -> 108 without even changing my gear, I am sure once I hit 109 it will happen again. During 16th anniversary event, exp bar was moving way better and it looked like all server was moving forward correctly.
  11. One month anniversary at L2

    @mixa First of all, I am also a customer, who doesn't mind to spend a few bucks (25-250e if I feel like in mood per month) in game since I like it. This is called a service that you pay for, which should be reinvested into game, server etc. I used to pay back in the days a monthly subscription and servers were running far better than today. And your message "If you're a customer, you should buy the boxes from the l2store, not complain about a free event." sorry, but buying from L2Store is a free event of getting nothing. Shilen Soul was the perfect example => fail enchant = no Adena, that's gambling. The problem is that there wasn't a week since December where NC had 0 issues. This is supposed to be the core message behind all of this. Then about ninja nerfing everything o'right I can deal with it if they make things more difficult, it will be for everyone at least. I am at 200+ stone to get the right augment on my weapon, so patience might pay off. But when all other servers get a nice event and fully enjoy their 16th anniversary and we get screwed here from a deep nerf, this is called making fun of us and a bad intention from them. But game stability/latency/mass DC should be o'right after all this money that "we" invest into game even after they announced a server upgrade. If people buy Coca Cola for years and suddenly they change their recipe and people (90%) start complaining, how many will keep buying Coca Cola? The 10% who never tried Coca Cola before, those same 10% of new players who arrive here I am a kind person, who rarely complains about stuff in his life and "boy" I am in charge of 100+ students every week, but I don't complain about it and I am a happy person. But this here? This is making fun for free on person and is not acceptable. So my nerve tolerance is really high. Marketing 101: A happy customer will always come back. Make the loot boxes rate better => more customers will buy, more money injected into game. All the big players will have to invest also money. Make the loot boxes rate worse => less and less customers will buy, because they will hear bad echos from loot boxes and won't buy. This messages was supposed to be a feedback to the NC team that they need to do something in a positiv way for us players. I simply hope we get the next part of the anniversary soon. If they delay the next part at least something will arrive, but unfortunately I don't think they will surprise us in a positive way, but rather another paying event that was supposed to be free. Let's keep fingers crossed.
  12. LINEAGE 2 - A game left all alone at NCWest Hello all, Here a small sneakpeak of our 1st month anniversary where I regrouped everything that happened! They are fooling their customers. Please @Juji at some point this is not o´right! Read please the list and tell us what is happening for real at your headquarter, because this is not acceptable with a new server hardware upgrade that you apparently made! 21th April (-) · Login queue for 2 hours! Impossible to attend the game because over 500 people waiting in queue to play. 22th April (-) · Patch notes arrive only 12hours before update. After update all people were getting 0 Adena without Vitality. 24 - 26th April (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 28th April (-) · Character creation is blocked on Chronos for weeks now. 29th April (+-) · People get GM buffs. (+) · Due to GM activity, people are in queue and can´t benefit from this GM buffs. (-) 30th April (-) · Website login is down and malfunctioning. They don´t correctly implement SESSIONS ($_SESSION) in PHP. Computer science students of 16 years old can solve the problem in 1 hour it took them hours to fix it. 1th May (--) · Login problems, people cannot connect to server 2th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 3th May (-) · People get disconnects and must wait in queue for 1 hour. 5th May (--) · Login queue for 2 hours! Impossible to attend the game because over 500 people waiting in queue to play. Siege/castle is impossible to play since people are waiting in queue. Character creation · New characters creation is blocked for 3 weeks. 6th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 7th May (-) · Chronos server down randomly. 8th May (-) · PK Festival in zones 85-105 to force disconnect from players. 9th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 12th May (--) · People are waiting over 10 days to get replies from Support tickets. 15th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Random disconnects again. 16th May (-) · PK Festival in zones 85-105 for 2 weeks now. LINEAGE2SWEET16 (+) · Players get some random goodies from NCWest for anniversary. Greater Ruby Lv.1 and Juju Agathion Charm. 16th anniversary (-) · We don´t get the same event as EU/RU/Korean servers. People have over 5000-1000 Anniversary Coins without being able to use them. · 1 Box per hour loot where before event started people were getting at least 5-6 boxes per hour. · Aden tour icon disappears after video cinematic. 24th May (-) · The server is lagging and latency problems for multiple players. · Verification e-mails not working. People don´t get e-mails from NCWest for verification. This problem can be solved in 5 minutes with 15 years old computer science students. · Launcher problems saying that people have problem with ISP while being can play other game in same time, so the problem comes from NCWest. 25th May (-) Random mass disconnections from servers. People got 2 - 3 times random disconnects during experience with party friends.
  13. +1. Since December, there was not 1 month, where people weren´t complaining about random DC, lag. Compensation? Dandy Balls. I will write starting today a Word document with all these flaws the past months and after 1 years send it to NC in Korea to the CEO. I can understand that sometimes you have server issues or something went wrong, but not every second week.
  14. Just now a DC festival on Naia servers.
  15. Yet again another DC

    @Juji this starts to become a bad habit. At least 8 of my friendlist got DC in same time! One of them is connected with FFTH! Impossible that this is the ISP! I even run with 1Gbps at home with max 1-2ms delay for weeks now and got 1 client DC also. Please fix this is annoying! Thank you for your understanding, but I think the CEO and people from Korea should know what is going on here on our servers. This is not how you treat customers who pay for a Prestige pack and a service in same time.