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  1. I want to know what is that one more thing @Juji @Hime Libra + Exp boost + Extra PVE potion is the right direction for the current player base. We might not say it often enough, but thank you for listening to us. Keep it like this, I see progress within my clan members and activity. Next step: Destroy RMT & Allow players to buy fancy +12 weapons & +10 armors and we get closer to the real gaming experience.
  2. Ambicija stop telling fairy tales. 100 - 110 in 3 months. Are you smoking my friend? I got a friend tank, 100% free to play, he just hit 110 in 1 year. It takes already 20 days to lvl from 108 -> 109 in duo party with 200% exp rune & doing all dailies when you take 5%. Another two months from 109 -> 110 in duo party with 200% exp rune. 110 -> 111 it takes 3 months +- with 200% exp rune while doing all dailies and play a lot to make 1% per day. All this is only possible if you have a damn good YUL in party with good gear. And I do have one so I know what I am speaking about. Now you are asking a newcomer to do 100-110 in 3 month with 0 gear except exalted one? You might reconsider what you said earlier. And I do daily 1b Adena as income from dailies, SI, PI, IoS etc. So gearing up for a newcomer is really difficult. Of course, if you spend 1k euros per month to hit the vitality party cake all the time it is faster. FFS 1k euro! Even I don't spend that amount a month for this. I have been playing nearly for 10 months now. In Mid-October I will hit 111 and I play everyday 5-7 hours and I did have to spend a good amount in Ncoins. I only agree on what you say, if you already have one geared character who can push others.
  3. Free Event REWARDS!

    Another useless Sayha Talisman for a day... There you see that you get finally a nice item and it is limited in time with a delete time 24hours... Would have been nice to have it forever since it is rare to get some.
  4. Free Event REWARDS!

    I farm often between 6 pm until midnight and noticed also that the drop rate was way lower than before. There you go, they give you something but it is nerfed. For the event, only drops like @Rodah and I opened far more on 3 chars. On ISS I got Sayha Talisman for a day ... Yuhuu for the rest it allows player to sell those items and get some income.
  5. -) This looks like the Mystery Box has bad income in order to extend it for another 2 weeks. +) Red Libra is more than welcome to stay for another 3 weeks. -) 5 hours for a database maintenance for real? "DELETE FROM tblEvent WHERE idItem IN (SELECT idItemToRemove FROM tblEventItemsToRemove);" This is all it takes for the database cleanup of those items .... And this should take 5 hours to execute? Come on... Server & application tests take another 20-30 mins. I will soon promote my 17 years old computer science students to you guys. They take 1 hour to do such a maintenance...
  6. 1. Juji stopped acting like a real GM years ago. I am wondering if it was even still the same person within the company that connects with this account. 2. Never, GMs are surely being paid with real money from those company to keep them running on their servers. 3. As long GMs are being paid never. I know people who started buying from RMT because items were cheaper than playing casino for their items with the insane L2 Store prices. Suggestions: 1) Increase XP by 2 overall the map for players below 112. At 110 with an ISS & Tank in party I barely make 150-215T (200% Exp Rune) per day on main (110) with all dailies, while ISS (108) & Tank (107) do 70T. I do between 0.1% - 0.8% per day while spending at least 6-8 hours of intense play time on main, this is totally hilarious to level in 3-5 months at this pace. The tank takes up to 2-5% per day and the ISS takes maximum 2% per day. For Christmas I might hit 111 for my 1 year anniversary comeback. 2) Aden Chest items that can appear should give all kind of items with a better rate. I got after 10 months of intense playing for the first time an Angel Ring! Woop Woop... 3) Lower Vitality Maintenance Potion prices by 3 at least. I am willing to spend every month cash for this, but not at current price which is 1250e to maintain your vitality 24/7 on a single player. Party Vitality Cake which is 1000e to maintain your party with vitality 24/7! 4) The PK system must be reworked. I cannot see him anymore. Every time he sees me -> PK me immediately (up to 5-10 times per day) and this goes on for over 3 month now and NC tickets have done 0 to stop this. I want to see him drop his items to stop abusing this system at least his wallet will suffer. For the rest, I prefer not to say what I think about his mentality. 5) GMs should actually start playing this game with a level 1 char and play for 1 year a maximum of 6 hours with 3 accounts maximum and do dailies etc with exalted gear, while investing a 100-200 euros every month like players do, to see how far they need to go to reach 112+. 6) Overall increase luck towards players. While we hardly make +16 / +19 weapons, +8/+10 armors here in Korea they run with +20 to +35 weapons around which makes exping really a lot faster compared to us. 7) Again L2 Store prices, you could add Royal Gold Enchant into the Hero Coin slot for 100-200 Hero Coins, this would actually give the paying customers and advantage to get proper enchants and improve faster items. Even with many feedback's from players, I doubt NC will change anything. I do appreciate the "ganja potion" they gave us, but it does not compensate for the lack of experience we get within the game. I was 1 hitting mobs before update at my current spot, I still 1 hit them now, but exp is worse...
  7. Setting realistic goals!!

    40T per day isn't much in my eyes. I (110 also) run at 150-200T per day on average with dailies. A good SI run with potions I do 40-50T in an hour. Of course with 200% Rune.
  8. Hi, First of all thank you for listen to us. I am a a regular Ncoin buyer for the past 9 months. At the moment I am 110 and would say that I got some decent gear to farm Field of Whispers with my ISS and my main. 1. I made a calculation that in order to maintain my vitality for a month it would cost me 750 euros! I would recommend to cut the price from 750 to 75 euros. This would create micro-transactions (Business 101) and we would start leveling in a proper way and would encourage people to buy for the first time potions. 2. Add party bonus permanent and don't divide the experience by the amount of people in party. 3. Same goes for the Adena. We need to get all decent Adena. 4. Like others said: Kick the RMT from top 100 players. They destroy the Ncoin economy and your company. 5. Stop adding newbie items into the L2 Pay Events. I am tired to see always same items on sale and only top 3 lottery are great items. By either changing the Pay Event Items, people might catch up in gear. Why cant you give Angel Rings+6, Dragon Rings+3 etc into those boxes that the servers starts being flooded by those items. People are buying 5 years old gear from Pay Events. By now, R99 should be in the shelter and everyone should be running R110. 6. Increase monsters experience given by 200% so we can catch up with Koreans. 7. Maybe it is due to my clan, but I have never seen someone with a +25 or more weapon. Barely +18 weapon on server. Check on the other side of the continent.. 8. Listen to your customers! 9. We see the effort you made with the GM Buffs, but years of bad hearing towards customers is not gonna get even with GM Buffs. 10. Fire the whole developer team. It takes literally 1 variable (code line) to modify server settings! Been there when I tried my own L2 illegal server at home years ago! 11. Increase enchant success rates, for some items they are terrible.
  9. Worst Update Ever - RIP Chronos Naia

    Look it on the positiv side. Less mobs = less lag For real now, we need at least another 2 months an experience boost & vitality maintenance buff from NC in order to make all 110, minimum 112. I've been back since December, started gearing up to a point that today I am 110 while playing every day at least 5-8 hours non stop. I can finally do PI/SI/IOS in self buffs. Dyes DEX/CHA+5 (3 slots) Radiant+5, R110+7 Bloody Set, Limited Weapon+12 Augment 20%PSkill, Angel Ring +6, Paulina Ring, BValakas, Lindvior, Atlas+12, Abu lv1, Red Cat lv4/Ruby 4/Opal 4/Diamond 4, some more Gems, Artifact Book lvl3 complete with some random Artifacts, Cloak+11, Splendor Wings lvl2, Brooch lvl3, and some more items. Spending multiple hours selling, fishing etc in order to even start the game. Spend every month a couple of bucks without ruining my life. What happened? They decrease the total amount of mobs, exp wall + embrace the wall. Only good thing for now is IoS (800-1.2b/h) in game, because they screwed everything else! At least 10 of my friends (110+ and even better geared) in game have quit the game over night and sold everything... You can imagine the frustration when NC screws it Patch after Patch.
  10. The best locations for fishing?!

    Giran Harbor close NPC to return quest.
  11. Can we get a real event?? please?

    Yul 109 (Human MS) here: - R110 Bloody Set +7 - R110 Limited +12 Bow (3Sa, lvl8 mostly) - +11 Elmore Cloak - Nurka Belt +5 - Radiant Circlet +5 - Some lvl3-4 Gems (Ruby lvl4) - Lind earring, Atlas+12, Blessed Valakas, Tauti Ring, Paulina Ring - Abu lvl 1, 7S, Insanity, 18 Venir, Exalted Crap - 3 Agathion 5/6 lvl (Ari, Cancer and 750Coin one, waiting next lvl use the patk one) - Greater Kaliel +5 - Dragon Shirt +5 (exalted one) - Skills +7 to +16 mostly (pinpoint 16, tornado 16, rest lower) - Forgotten Book lvl20 (patk) - All Artifact slots full with random ones barely +2), one Pskill Power +11%, one pcrit +5%. - +15 DEX/5CHA stats Since event I make between 8k to 10.5k points at R110 at Rim with Rose, Dragon Pot, Honey Beer, POM + Crippling. I could constant make 10k+ if I would buy additional items. I leave it in macro for faster auto target rest I spam skills myself, do some jumps, select other mobs to bring them while killing those I am currently hitting, AOE when more mobs. Definitely 10mins without breaks spamming skills etc. I enter always with BR from ISS (Sonatas 7mins) wait Elmore Cooldown once it is finished I use self buffed skills every 1 minute. Bigger mobs I debuff (Hex+7). Waiting last week of event before opening boxes. 540 fragments so far. A YUL GS 108 friend borrowed gear slightly better (Cloak+15) and some other artifacts, Abu lvl4 and he did 10k easily with same potions+buffs. Unless you run even stronger gear, the R110 Rim S-grade should be easy by then. So far: R105 (S), R110 (4xA, 2xS)
  12. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    It is luck. I spent over 150 Top Stones for p.skill CD +15% on my R110, no success. Was tired. Next day, I bought 10 Super Stones, baam on 3th try I got p.skill CD +20%. I felt like the luckiest person on earth. I would recommend you to buy them in 50 or 100 batch to increase chances. Keep trying One day you will succeed.
  13. Prices for basic Materials

    Hi, Yes fishing is the way to go. In a week I made 8 Elcyum with 3 chars fishing. Means for your 107 Elcyum it will take approx 13 weeks +- (3months). In order to get a good weapon, either you bring the cash or you invest time. I would suggest, you start saving adena for fancy rods. GL.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Getting 3 Greater Jewels means you are lucky. Because I spend double of the amount to get nothing close to yours.
  15. Party Solidarity System Need Serious Improvement

    @GhostintheShell The game has changed in 15 years my friend. Back in the days, grinding was hard, but there was a solidarity within a party where everyone had his job. Today, you do your dailies and leave all support classes behind since duo with ISS goes faster than helping healers/iss/tank on solo track. If after so many years, your party constitution hasn´t changed, so haven´t you and you seem to be a greedy person who wants all for himself, while other share as much as they can to grow together. Since 106 I have been partying with a tank friend, today we are almost together 109. That´s called solidarity! TEAM! A team that will go together in PVP! Stay in your corner and keep your frustration for yourself, but don´t bother people who try to make partying important again. Whining has always been part of people´s mentality, but if it is for the good, why not change things.