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  1. They already fixed the bug. It should have never worked in the first place, that Adena was not impacted before, so they fixed it. Means: members in party = Adena decreased if one member does not have Prestige or it is not next to you. The fact that distance party bonus is applied should work also unless the party is literally on same spot So next bug fix = everyone needs to be next to you for party bonus Don't jinx it too much for something that already does not apply correctly
  2. @iAndouille you know that things don't change until Chronos folks stop buying their overpriced boxes right? Most of the time, they handout crap, Chronos keeps buying it. If they would at least do same rates & events like in Korea here, we would gear up. But you know milking Juji..
  3. Hime posts majority of stuff in forum with mistakes, wrong copy paste 90% of the time, the only thing we see Hime does it wrong most of the time. Speaks for itself. Other forum moderators don't appear or barely interact with community, pretty much tells you how much they care. Juji got his brand new car paid by Chronos people How you expect things to change if Chronos folks keep throwing their money?
  4. Because people stop buying the crap in lootboxes considering the bad rewards. So they punish us with a bad XP event.
  5. The problem was raised many years now and it continues, so they still haven't found the solution after so long which means, as someone told me "Juji doesn't care".
  6. Swamps starts at 11 a.m. EU when people are working in Naia, you literally have all Swamps for yourself. At evening, Swamps start during dailies, Detrone, etc, the timing is so bad lately.
  7. @Juji @Hime @LIME, Close the game. This is the last disgrace you put into place for 2021. 50% is like a real joke to the whole L2 player base. We have been stacking potions, cakes, Rune, etc for that event to get such an event? Rather keep it for next XP event then, because this one is terrible. Maybe go back to your basics about customer care services. You gave us extra 200% potions as freebie (+) combined with 30 Days Vitality Maintenance Rune (if in right country) combined with current freebie where we could get Shining Pots (+), Top-grade lvl10 (+), now the lo
  8. Honestly speaking, I am happy with the current state of the game. You want items to appear, open boxes! Naia is full of RMTERS. People RMT stuff but new items do not appear that often, so we reached a dead end where you cannot RMT top items unless someone quits and new items only appear for those who open boxes. Those who open them finally get items, despite bad rewards still, NC needs to give better outcomes on box events to rewards paying customers. Lately I kept for myself all box items and don't put it into market anymore because if I don't need it, I put it on a box toon, w
  9. On average it takes 2-8 hours for them to reply. Often when you know their working hours, I usually get a reply within 2-3 hours. Simply wait and do something else meanwhile they ask you to logout.
  10. Hello, Collection items are an additional stats increase. Honestly speaking, some items are easy to make versus the cost amount. Some higher stats collection require more Adena. Gear first your toon at a decent gear, when you feel that your toon requires 200+ billion items to improve, focus on collection then. I am at a point every upgrade requires 500+ billion, so instead I make Collection items until I find the required item over time.
  11. Buddy relax and take a poop. Why would they give first Top-grade Ruby & Red Cat first? So people can first farm the necessary items so that next week, they can give us an exp event to take advantage of those. So weaker people have a week to make them too. Vitality maintain Rune I fully agree, making it available for some countries but not other remains a split in the player base and ignoring some countries. I took the liberty to buy cakes couple events ago. About their inactivity on forum It is Christmas soon, just relax and enjoy family time, presents and
  12. Open your Collection instead of selling the stuff Wait a good Elcyum box event to upgrade to enchanted and put into Collection. Gear 1-2 new toons with those shiny +12. I am doing Collection only since the update since the market is a huge mess.
  13. You can still be "F2P" and not make it a miserable experience for majority of the time and align to same events like overseas
  14. It is totally random. I tried GK Stage 1 failed. I traded items and got GK Stage 1. I tried GK Stage 2 passed. A friends tried 6x GK Stage 1 failed. Another friends made 2 x GK Stage 1 in a row Another friend did Paagrio Stage 1 & 2 in a row. Another friend tried 3x Maphyr Ring Stage 2 and failed. I made 3 x Stage 7 Shilen with 6 boxes, a friend failed 10x on Stage 2 Shilen. A friends used 40 Amethyst lvl4 before he could make 2x lvl5 out of it and then Greater. I used like 100 lvl1 Ruby, failed them all, max was lvl3
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