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  1. I do agree with you. Bought 75 enchant scrolls, didn't go further than +5 this year. 30 Legendary Scrolls on a Aden cloak +5, failed 30 Legendary Scrolls that is less than 3% of success rate... Luckily I had bought those with Hero Coins so it didn't affect too much my wallet, since it is counted as "extra" coins they gift you. Should have sold them & gotten the cloak from player instead... All this for "gambling my luck". I learned my lesson from last year where I spent over 1k euros and got maximum +7 cloak, guess the amount of Adena I could have had instead and buy it str
  2. Used 30 scrolls that I got from my hero coins. Guess what? Failed 30 scrolls...
  3. The current events floods the server with R110 weapons. I wouldn't bother crafting anything right now since you get from TOH, Field Bosses the required R110 weapons/armors for peanuts. I sold all R99 items I had in inventory/warehouse because they become more and more cheaper overtime. It is a disgrace to even run with R99 unless it is a +10 set. About the ether, when I have the occasion to craft something, I go for R110 armor and give it to some puppy char and eventually enchant it when I am bored.
  4. Even when they offer a nice event people are able to find a reason to be unhappy... My tank is soon 112, the only thing I do is take the XP Rune every month for the rest, I gear it with what my main character gets as Adena or transfers gear it has upgraded. There is no marathon for lvling. You can be lvl 110 with top gear, you will be better than a lvl 112 with average gear. Eventually the 110 will lvl faster at some point due to damage output. I see two friends who are still lvl107 when I was 108. They are simply playing at their pace (or age also XD). I got 3 accounts running
  5. It has nothing to do with any specific scroll or luck. It is the right moment that counts. I used 10 Kain Armor Scrolls on a Bloody +8 Armor, all 8 have failed, won't tell you my motivation.. That same day I used on my Bow+16 2xKain Weapon scrolls that also failed. Another day, I used a Kain Armor scroll and it went +9. Few days ago, I used a Black save ticket, it went +8 and I used again 1xKain Scroll it went +9. This morning I used a Kain Scroll and it went +10. Two days ago, I used 1 Gold Ticket and weapon went from +16 to +17. Yesterday I used another one and the w
  6. Hi all, When they asked us for some feedback months ago we gave them a lot of feedback. What happened so far? 1. We got potions from mobs to increase attack attributes. 2. We got an exp event in October which allowed some people to get 1-1.5lvls. Creating a lot of new people boxes to 108-110 eventually. 3. They brought La Vie en Rose event which was just a scam in price and then introduced Greedy chest, just a kill in the nuts for most people. 4. They introduced Greedy chests, nice touch but it needs some improvements, since the 3-5 people on Naia farm it with their
  7. For once, I do embrace the new setup of those boxes as long they do not mess up the system. Players <110 do get nice items aswell for free. That players > 110 get those gems is more than welcome, because 99% of people have already invested heavenly into the game.
  8. If you do 0.1% per day, you simply are not geared. At 110, I used to do FOS/FOW/Sel Mahum in solo with my ISS and I was doing bare minimum 0.5% to 1% per day with Rune 200%. Now at 112 I am able to do 0.3 - 1% per day, depending the party in Ketra this goes up to 1.5%. Ever hear of IOS, SI, PI, IT, Aden Dailies, Etina, Helios? One dude was crying all day in Tanor, 30mins with me and the dailies, and he did the same exp like he was doing a whole day in Tanor with a party. Best you can do: Dailies, Farm Adena through hunting zones and play market until next exp event. At 112 si
  9. Took me 50 scrolls to make Rind +0 > +5. Took me 12 scrolls to make Radiant Grace +0 > +5 Failed 65 scrolls to make Radiant Authority 0+ > +0. Failed 7 Kain Armor scrolls to make +9 armor to +10, none passed. Failed 1 Kain Weapon scrolls to make +16 weapon to +17. Failed 15 Logging to Insanity. Failed 4x 7s upgrades. Some days are more lucky than others. Overall, I always buy huge amount of scrolls in order to enchant. Brooch, Artifact, Shirt, Kaliel always took an average of 50-100 scrolls to pass +5. For my weapon to get 20% skill CD on w
  10. Javascript vs PHP there you go for your difference. Perhaps you want Ajax, NODE.JS? Just giving feedback as multiple people have noticed the same issues. Maybe the update from Launcher to another version made a new synchronization between client & server data exchanges or another security layer between both. At the moment the launcher is updating it might do a file modification on the client. Perhaps next time, I'll reverse engineer the modified files to see what content has been changed.
  11. @iHyperlite keep us updated if you notice something.
  12. First of all, we deserve to know why they are making unannounced changes to characters. While I do agree that some characters deserve a nerf, I would also like to know why they make changes to characters which are not announced. Secondly, I didn't get any changes for my part, just posting multiple feedback I have gotten. Third, it is still a forum, freedom of speech and respect. Forth, at the moment you pay a service or purchase an item through the L2Store in order to improve your character, you deserve an explanation if something is not working as intended since you officially
  13. Hi, @Juji@Hime May we know why there was a Launcher Update? What has changed? I have been talking with various people and they noticed that some of them used to do 350M in IOS after the update their damage suddenly decreased and they are only farming 300M now. Other people have noticed that they used to do "solo" IT during 10 minutes. Since the update it takes them 15 minutes. Some other people have noticed a damage decrease in Ketra/Varka since the update. I am not going to debate the YUL AOE nerf, but some people noticed also that the single target skills have b
  14. I would like to see someone get a Dragon Weapon Stage 1 in 3 months on Naia server. Between the rarity of the Claws & Bloods, one person every 2-3 months might get a Stage 1 weapon. It is almost impossible to get one. Also DW Stage 1 without the gear that follows is pretty much useless.
  15. Prestige Pack is a complete waste of money unless you do more than 4b per month in game. You need to be at least lvl110 to have a reasonable benefit from it and farm IOS & SI. If you are well geared, you make up to 50-100B per month due to Prestige Pack. The main issue is not the Prestige Pack, except the few items it gives as bonus, but it is not worthy for non-geared players as they don't hit enough damage in order to farm properly. When I took the Prestige Pack, I was 110, and was doing approx 4-6b/month just enough to say it is just about worth it. Today I hit +-50b, b
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