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  1. Simply sell & leave. There is nothing left in this game.
  2. 1. Gem energy is gained from lootboxes which people pay for, say thank you. 2. You get an average of 200-300b per month in Adena when playing actively. More if you have more toons or are part of the high end clans which have Field Raids & End game bosses. 3. Lootboxes = €/$ if people stop tomorrow spending real money, no more Gem Energy for you. 4. Hitting monsters is enjoyable to you? When the only PVP that is present is during siege time? 5. Except R99 & R110 armor+weapon & some stones which are already in mass in game, better items don't appear except from lo
  3. I usually don't get DC myself. Rare occasions nothing alerting, but when 1 out of 3 toons get DC while other 2 are playing it is server related. I am monitoring myself the packages to see the drop of connection and it is server related. Also after each maintenance & lootbox events the toons are freezing and lagging until I relog them to fix the issue. Server side related. Confirmed by multiple CP (constant party) players. And don't tell people it is our ISP dropping connections when nowadays we have a 1Gbps Fiber Connection. Playing another game during the same time, and
  4. Been doing IOS 1 for couple of months, the same toon suddently became weaker against monsters. PI/IOS became more difficult.
  5. Many people are cashing out right now. I am in multiple discord and many already sold all their items. At some point of milking too much the customer, it leaves for a better place.
  6. @Juji@LIME@Hime soon the only guys left on your servers are the RMTs because no one will spend in lootboxes anymore & cash out because the game becomes too difficult that spending money is a waste of time, because lootboxes are literally crap rewards. We had the same discussion 1 year ago and nothing has happened. - Steady improving monsters while people don't get enough stuff from lootboxes. - Newcomers don't even stay, because past Exalted quests, there is no way of improvement unless you play for 2-3 years. - Einshad Shop that people are requesting for years and you
  7. Guess who is selling all his stuff. Since the game & lootboxes which give literally crap for the past year. Selling & good bye. When people talk on forums about all the issues, they are closing their eyes. Keep doing that until the only remaining players are RMT who can play by themselves.
  8. As long Adena is in the game and lootboxes gives crap, newcomers have no chance to play the game.
  9. It is depressing to see that you spend literally money & time in a game in order to improve versus the outcome. Trying to enchant stuff, God Jewels attempts are 150-200b each click and yet everything fails to succeed. Did 3x Paagrio, 3x failed. Then you have the other lucky boy who enchants weapons 20+ & make God Jewels easy peasy with far less effort. About the money factor per month: - 60 IOS Stones = 4200Ncoin (main toon) - 60 Atelia Stones = 4200 Ncoin (main toon) - 3 Prestige & 3 Destiny Packs = 3x2400 Ncoin + 3x 15€. Total: 15.600 Ncoin add
  10. Guess who didn't spend a penny for couple of months now, since prices are crazy and rewards are lousy > me. As long on Chronos top spenders are spending beyond what they get in return, NC has no interest to change things. Meanwhile, logout is the best solution and enjoy summer weather.
  11. Strange that no Claws, Bloods drop after so many months for me at that injected money. Many people are in the similar situation. Even reselling boxes instead to get Adena does not help, because there are no items available within the game that you can buy. Just look how many new Dragon Weapons have been made for the last 6 months, literally 1 per month maybe even less, because Claws or Bloods don't appear often enough.
  12. Don't expect too much. Things never change. When all of a sudden 90% of the server would logout and never come back, this would be alerting.
  13. @Juji @Hime @LIME I started 1 year and 7months ago. Majority of people who started with me have left the game. I spend approx 8-12 hours per day, spend 500-1000€ per month. Today I am 116 running with a +14 weapon because I cannot get the Claws, God Jewels, because the items do not appear in lootboxes 99.99999% of the time. I am doing fine in SOS & IOS 112+, barely 30b in TOI. Average 250-300b/month. Since I started I got a total of 1 Claw & 1 Blood in a 1 year and 7 months interval from the lootboxes. Rest of the time, I had to gear myself to a proper level to be wher
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