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Lately I have being receiving many printscreens with scammers impersonating people from game (in this scenario me and other clan leaders) in order to scamm others. Even if I spamm it everyday on worldshout , I will try make it awear here also my message: DONT GIVE YOUR ITEMS TO ANYONE! they pretend to be someone you know and trust in order to take your items, I reported all the names to ncsoft but the key is at the people to not trust anyone, i repeat: DONT GIVE YOUR ITEMS TO ANYONE.

Their current tactic: they invite you in party with them(usually from a low lvl toon), they pretend to be other person you know and they ask you to show the item(armor, weapon etc) and they will tell you they will upgrade it. I even had the case where one of the scammers invited me in party (a toon that seems he didnt know is me) pretending is me, also reported to ncsoft with printscreens and all, but nothing was done regarding him cause he still messaging from other toons so be awear ppl, don't give your items to no anyone!!!!!


Kind Regards,


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Yes they still exist and i've had them message me on one of my other toons claiming to be "GaneaIf". Looks the same in game as "Ganealf". But ones with a capital "i" and the other is with a lower case "L". Told him that I often talk to myself but i've never actually done it without being aware. I must really be going crazy after all. He didn't pm me back. 

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