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Thx for reply Connex.

For now i have 45b and some low itens,  friend stop to play and give to me ( anakim agathion, creation ring, venir 13, talisman abundance - hunter)

For now imy GK on lvl 105 and finish 3rd exalted quest.

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it really is tricky on how you gonna upgrade + play your character.

GK is really strong so if you ask me. 

first of all, I strongly recommend getting a +10 blessed exalted set and using that till 110 at least,  weapon/jewels and armor
do not spend tons of billions for fancy weapon simply cuz you will not be able to do benefit from this.
Insanity ~14b
+5 greater  kaliels bracelet ~8b

lv2 artifact book  and fill it with +0 artifacts for the 5% dmg and -6& dmg received  (do your research on the cost)

if you use the blessed exalted talisman yo uget 5% pdef/m def/patk/matk and has one slot, you are most likely gonna play with regular attack for now so get a scorpio +7  p atk critical or if you want to play with skills get a +6 or 7 cancer for the p skill crit rate, your self buff gives you 45% skill power ( i think) anywhere between 5-7 bil 

now belt is a little trickier, if you are not a budget get a chef monkey for now but the first item i got when i came back was the rulers belt, you need that -8% dmg reduction maybe 15-17 bil
get a protection talisman preferably a +7 one 12 bil

and a+12 venir 2.5b to 3.2b
now this final part is expensive, at least a +7 cloack would help a LOT but those are like 40+bil per


all that should cost you about 100bil +50$ for the set.

make sure you get your dualclass to 105 for the dualclass skills, its free bonus stats.

All that gear should get you to 110 easy.


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