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 Hi everyone, 


 i have just downloaded thí game yesterday, server classic.  lv 28 now and i dunno what's going on. I see elf summoner bot in everywhere and i can't find a place to train.  No soulshot more, cant chat till lv 29. What should i do now ?  all guide are no longer usable. Plz help me. 


 Ty all guys

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Hi i'm new too, you should go to Abandoned Camp until you cant stand it, but for sure until at least lvl 30 and you can get your next big exp quest from Barthis in Gludio. After you level past the Abandoned Camp there arent any more elf summoner bots. Just players auto-hunting here and there, but NOTHING like the bots in Ruins of Agony and Abandoned Camp. So keep pushing and follow the Quests directions from Barthis. Also, it's important to do the daily hunting quests, they give big exp rewards, and in your high 30's try and get in on a group to complete the Alligator Island daily hunting quest for 3 million exp per day x 3 total.

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