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extra mods needed?

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U know what is funny ? Arround here is many people who like l2 and they play many years this game and they have the knowlage how to play , and they can make the work of gm-admin moderator for free just because they like the game . U know what is more bad ? Almost all this gms-admins who is arround , they never play l2 they dont know the bugs and totaly they cannot help u , also they not understend the question because they NEVER play this game and this is sad . My opinion is . Make some gms with knowlage in game who know what community need and know about bugs and they understend the players because they play the game . And make one head admin (gm) old one  for checking the new gms for they not give items etc etc and not make favors in they friends (because all know if u play this game for years u have friends and enemys ) .

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