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  1. @juji kamael sub class not work when they pick judicator , u cannot change class . check it .
  2. @juji kamael sub class not work when they pick judicator , u cannot change class . check it .
  3. @juji kamael sub class not work when they pick judicator , u cannot change class . check it .
  4. New PK System question

    Hello , can link me where he confirm it ? Thnx
  5. Bring back Dandy's Scrolls: Passion

    I suggest ncsoft change the time of agathion turn u on stone , so some strong mages abuse the game mechanics and not pernament stone and interap the pray for like 1 and half hour on casting room .
  6. Hello , sorry but i miss understend something and i want someone explain me . Ncosft going to make 2 new classic servers , without ANTIBOT PROGRAM ? Because is not up yet . Also on this server keyboard macros + mouse macros will be work ? If work this will destroy the pvp + pve (raids) on . Also this game macro will be work ? And maybe make antibot program first + add 1 active gm online who can check people and after make the servers ? If servers full of bots and afk players not reason play there . Fix your current servers first control them and after start new ....... Sorry i know my english is bad but people who play l2 they will understend me , If ncsoft not fix that the new servers will be fail and is bad because is so good idea .
  7. extra mods needed?

    U know what is funny ? Arround here is many people who like l2 and they play many years this game and they have the knowlage how to play , and they can make the work of gm-admin moderator for free just because they like the game . U know what is more bad ? Almost all this gms-admins who is arround , they never play l2 they dont know the bugs and totaly they cannot help u , also they not understend the question because they NEVER play this game and this is sad . My opinion is . Make some gms with knowlage in game who know what community need and know about bugs and they understend the players because they play the game . And make one head admin (gm) old one for checking the new gms for they not give items etc etc and not make favors in they friends (because all know if u play this game for years u have friends and enemys ) .
  8. GM's ruining gameplay?

    Truffle , all comunity know u be not stop play so u are lier . U just make this posts for push ncsoft give u back the mats , ALL this years even from zaken server gms help u and make what u want , u are like one bad kid when they parents tell him stop not make that anymore he continue cryyyyyyyy , ofcorse is not your fault is how ncsoft gm learn u . Anyway sorry for my english but i think alot of people understend what i mean . What is your problem now ? Gm take from u your toy ? U cannot handle gm anymore ? Trust me if u stop play servers will be more good and more healthy than now . If gms not make favors will be alot more fair for all . And if gms not check how many money people spend and make they works servers must be much better . Again sorry for my english .
  9. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    What about the people who already have Forbidden Secret Books ? Because for remove it this mean some people already have it . They will get some rewards in place of this item? Since the drop is very low (for example i never see it droped from dragons)......
  10. THE GODS!!

    Aden ? What aden ? Aden is safe since your clan capture Rune and make it light ..... U forget it ? Stop dream about aden , stay in rune , he is beautiful castle to
  11. Roadmap 2018

    Hello , maybe is time u put the jewarly item like opal etc etc in mammon ? So people can make the lvl 5-6 jewal , this is one thing atm who make the server unbalanced ,so will help ALOT low people get the big people and start enjoy more the pvp . People can comment who agree or dissagre with me .
  12. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Man see your video is really waste of time , u not have skills or something , u just play one overpowered class . If guys want see video from someone not overpowered class u can check artu l2 channel in youtube , atleast he is archer, not buged class who never die with sm 24/7 is rly boring . ( I am not nova or ms side i stop play long time ago, i just like see some videos and check litle forum )
  13. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Cannot understend what mean this video ? Like i understend EQ dont know how to play after ZR closed if i am correct . And they dont know they own skills? For this they say participate on that siege ? And u are same CP with this guy and now u give him like this ? This proove u are a snake , and noone need play or talk with u , since u get video and SS and if one day someone not agree with u , u use it for flame him . Alright now i understend why EQ stop play , also i understend why all call u clown and lier (and when i mean all , i talk about ALL SERVERS , naia , chronos , freya ) . If i still play the game for sure i not want be with u in same clan LOL
  14. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    I am not in nova so i cannot confirm that , but since u are from MS send us ss from your cc to , for we see your number.