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  1. REPORT WARS sponsored by juji

    Disable or pernamently delete will never happend , already people make some of weapon , and never ncsoft will take it back . They already block zariche system for 2 months before , so dont think so they make it again . Btw i see alot of people cry about zariche akanama , but u not cry about PERNAMENT STONE abuse the game by mages ( the can be on stone pernament with mana barrier up ) , so they can be unkillable . Back on post , this exploit was from before , people already know about it , and if people continue use it this mean they know is exploit they dont care and continue use it .
  2. REPORT WARS sponsored by juji

    Dont use the exploit till they fix it not even passed from your mind right ??
  3. Hello when pumkin

    We need also , Advance stable enchant weapon and armor C and advance stable enchant weapon and armor B , dont know why those 4 items u not put on any event , and just pop up A AND S .

    Hello , do u have a link with this changes ? Also all this scrolls will be in event ? Do u have any screenshot or video ?Thnx
  5. Hello , is possible on future updates put scrolls like Advanced Stable Enchant Weapon C B and Advanced Stable Enchant Armor C B . New players and olds need this items for make over enchant for example C grade weapons for spend less adena on bss . And anyway cannot understend why we passed this scrolls and we move on A and S so fast . I think is good idea put it on next events atleast for limited time .Thnx
  6. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    About epics , i already tell u the solution , put them on l2store ncoins store 30 days packs . About weapons , on lair drops recipe and full weapons , and like i see alot of people farm lair atm , prices is to high because people have the adena ( after 2-3 adena event ) and they can buy . Soon when people not have many adena ( like before the 2 last events) prices will go same , or the weapons will stuck on warehouse owners ( if they no drop prices )
  7. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    Solution 1st make PVP ZONE and Increase the drop rates so people have to FIGHT FOR DROPS , not just pve with full titans without competition . Solution 2 Put in l2 store jewals pack lvl 3 for 30 days ( i know already exist lvl 1 we got some of them on attedance event ) and put it with ncoins or l2coins , like this people not complaing about price of rb jewals , ncsoft will get more money , people who already have it they can trade them between chars so is not so bad , If u buy them can keep stable your vip ( if u buy 1 every month ) . If u can sell them ( i mean whole pack) u can make some adena . Main problem on servers atm is NO PVP at all , people become boring after farm so much time elements etc etc , and pvp is 1 hour per week on castles , since on raids pve destros not flag at all , and no point buff the raids because with so many destro and so many events ( +++++ the weapons , dolls , lvl up , improve the char totaly) they can kill it anyway (maybe take more time but for sure they can kill it )
  8. Go on naia , chronos , and see if orfen iskha baium is pvp zone or not . I know this is differend servers , live servers and classics . Also i dont care so much for raids i try found some ways to increase the pvp on server , because atm pvp on server is tottaly 0 . Aand i say on raids because is the only place that enemy go , they are carebears and RMTERS and they dont care for nothing else only for raids , so gm need do something and only way atm is make the bosses pvp zone for increase the pvp , because this clans not accept war , they make 100 destro just for abuse the game mechanics and kill bosses in peace .
  9. I agree with u man , this raids need be pvp zone , but for differend reason . I say if he can he take it , i say pvp zone for INCREASE THE PVP ON SERVER that is 0 atm . They need raids ? They need fiht for this . Is first server i see they dont care about pvp and care only how to make $$ and rmt . Rly so bad players so bad leaders and so bad GM decicions . This kill the server .
  10. Does metter who be take it , some times u win some times u lose pvp , atleast if they make pvp , we be have some FUN PVP MOMMENTS . ATM carebears clans go there with 20 destros and just hit the boss , they not fight they just abuse the game mechanics for they RMT
  11. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    U not have a clue , raids is not easy anymore , cannot one clan dominate pvp and pve same time , also for u receive something u need FIGHT FOR IT . Atm some carebears pve clan make 20-30 destros go there without war and hit the boss and claim the reward . For this lineage2 die , no pvp . People not even going to siege anymore . What is the point gear up your char ? Only for farm ? Where is the pvp where is old fun . Now farmers and rmters farm the raids and RMT and gms not make nothing for this . Open your eyes where is the pvp ? No pvp for raids , no pvp for castle , no pvp for exp . Only in ncsoft server i see this , go in korean go on any server , they have atleast 2-3 sides with pernament open wars fight for evrithing .
  12. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    Gm u have plan make pvp great again ? Make the raids area PVP ZONE . For atleast have some pvp fun on servers ............. Or u just let the pvers and rmters farm them and sell for money like u let them doing the same for more than 1 year .
  13. Make them pvp zone and increase the hp of raids so 1-2 full destros cannot kill them , Also pvp zone for people have fight for that . Make pvp alive again
  14. More of an exploit

    I agree with that , on raids must be pvp for take them , not just log out with full skills and give the last hit , gm need change that .
  15. Make ALL RAIDS pvp zones and increase they hp for not die on 10 sec , for carebears start play the game , and not make 10 destros on alt clans but have to fight for take the epics . Increase the pvp people need fight for take epics and raids , atm pvp not exist on server only on siege (1 hour per week) .