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Just another "noob" question

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On 9/27/2021 at 1:08 AM, OdicforceSounds said:

They are trading something ( there is a +trade tab channel)

They are playing with others ( there is a #party / @clan / $aly tab channel)

They are spamming everyone else ( #party / @clan / $aly tab channels)

how can I "turn off" Heroes voice?

There is a global tab channel and a %hero tab channel. 

/block heroname

just need to do it once, once a while get a new hero, and... new hero does the same crazy shout ....   simple, just add to block

Hero shout is like those crazy/religious people shouting in the middle of the road (all the while thinking they are the righteous and all mighty) 😆

Just close the window 🤩 and drive past

peace :)


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