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[Notice] Removal of Dimensional Siege and Raid Content


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Hello All,

During the maintenance on October 20, the Dimensional Siege and Raid content will be removed from the game. This means related content (Dimensional server, NPCs, skills) will no longer be available, and the following items will be removed from players’ inventories if not used or exchanged:

Dimensional Siege Items

  • Energy of Dimensions
  • Mark of Glory
  • Dimensional Energy
  • Dimensional Blessing - Event
  • Dimensional Energy - Stage 1
  • Dimensional Energy - Stage 2
  • Dimensional Energy - Stage 3
  • Dimensional Energy - Stage 4
  • Dimensional Energy - Stage 5
  • Faint Dimensional Energy - Stage 1
  • Faint Dimensional Energy - Stage 2
  • Faint Dimensional Energy - Stage 3
  • Faint Dimensional Energy - Stage 4
  • Black Anvil Guild's Dimensional Chest
  • Dimensional Castle Lord's Support Box

Dimensional Raid Items

  • Atelia Energy Crystal
  • Dimensional Coin
  • Dimensional Gludio Badge
  • Dimensional Gludin Badge
  • Dimensional Giran Badge
  • Dimensional Oren Badge
  • Dimensional Aden Badge
  • Dimensional Gainak Badge
  • Dimensional Goddard Badge
  • Dimensional Schuttgart Badge
  • Bloody Weapon Enhancement Stone Coupon
  • Bloody Armor Enhancement Stone Coupon
  • Dimensional Elcyum Pack
  • Dimensional Augment Pack
  • Dimensional Enhancement Pack


The items set for removal can be used or exchanged at Merlot NPC (Dimensional Raid) and Mermoden NPC (Dimensional Siege) so be sure to so before October 20.


Thank You!

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