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Lineage 2M Beta Key - Activation


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Here is a detailed guide on how to get and activate the Lineage 2M Beta Key


Take in mind that in order to receive the Vitality maintaining rune 7-Days you will be "EMAILED THE INSTRUCTIONS AT A LATER TIME", probably after the Beta test starts


This is for the countries listed on the promotion, if your country is not on the list you can try using a VPN


Let's start...


1.- Go to the Lineage 2 website and login with the email you use on your Lineage 2 account




2.- Check on the upper right corner you see your login name to confirm you are properly logged on, then click on the NEWS link



3.- Scroll down and click the Lineage 2M news link



4.- On the related news page click the YELLOW "HERE" LINK



5.- Wait for the page to show the Beta code on gray and copy it using the red button on the right, then click the yellow REDEEM button



6.- Click on the CREATE a PLAYNC account link



7.- Click on the first option "Sign-up with e-mail address"



8.- The country is filled automatically based on your IP address, so fill the date of birth field and click the Next button



9.- Click the Agree to All button



10.- Fill with the same email address you signed in the L2 website then click the send verification E-Mail button



11.- Click the Confirm button



12.- Check the email you are using to register as you will receive the 6 digit verification code



13.- Fill the 6 digit code you received by email and click the confirm button



14.- Fill the password an re-enter the password for your new PLAYNC account and click the Next button



15.- Click the Getting started button



16.- Again, the country will be filled automatically so just click the Next button



17.- On the upper left corner select Lineage II, fill with the same Email information you are using on this process and click the Login button



18.- Click the Lineage 2M logo (the Dark Elf picture)



19.- Click the Join the Beta button



20.- Confirm the "You are logged as NickName" message appears then scroll down the page



21.- Click the 3 check marks, select the "Apply with Free Passcode", fill with the code you received on step 5 and click the Register button



22.- You will receive the final "Thank you" message, you are now registered and you will receive instructions on how to participate on the Beta in a few days



Finally as I said at the beginning, we will receive information about the Vitality Rune by EMail at a later time

Regards and Happy Lvling to all 🙃

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