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Weapon Blessing Scroll for Shooters/Sylph


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I've been trying to find any info on this - looked through several sites (EU, KR, RU, etc) trying to find any info for what a Weapon Blessing scroll does for shooters with no luck.  Anyone know?  I know the scrolls aren't guaranteed to apply regardless, but also didn't want to risk if there's no confirmation it will actually do something.


This is what was listed in the launch notes.


Weapon Blessing Scrolls

The Blessing system for enhancing weapons was added.  "Blessing Scroll" items can be used to bestow C-grade or higher weapons with blessed effects.  Blessed weapons are granted basic effects for each weapon type and A-grade/Special Weapons are applied with additional effects depending on the weapon's enchantment level.  If blessing a weapon fails, only the "Blessing Scroll" will be consumed while the item is preserved.  You can buy a Blessing Scroll for 30,000,000 Adena once per day from the L2 Coin Shop. The scroll also drops from certain raid bosses.  The blessed effects applied to each weapon type are as follows:

Weapon Type

Blessed Effect

One-handed Sword/Rapier

All Skill Power +2%

Two-handed Sword/Ancient Sword

Attack Range +20

One-handed Blunt Weapon

All Skill Critical Rate +1%

Two-handed Blunt Weapon

Atk. Spd. +30, Casting Spd. +30


MP consumption upon bow use removed


Deadly Stab Success Rate +5%

Dualsword/Fist Weapon

P. Skill Critical Damage +50


Attack Range +20, Attack Target +1

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