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3 hours ago, HotCakez said:

Is there any tutorial on macro?

like assisting,protect buffer etc


Open up your skill menu and macro menu

Create new macro give it a name you see 12 lines

New line each time

Assist macro

/target toonname



Buff macro

/target toonname

Drag skill from skill menu in the each line

/target toonname

/target toonname

/delay 1200 




1200 is 1200 seconds so 20min

Double target makes the character follow after doing buffs/heals

Save macro

Drag macro i to your shortcut and right click to loop it

You can only loop 1 macro 

You can not have macro in macro

The number of lines you see is the maximum

If your main character need to do something 

You can use a macro like


/delay 1








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