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Tyrr Titan P. Skill Critical Rate - target level


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Hi all,   I started to work on my dual which is Tyr Titan level 110 and need an advice from experienced Tyrrs on Skill Critical rate which is needed to get close to the cap, so that after reaching it I would start switching items to Skill Power.  For example, one of SAs in my weapon currently is Hunter to give me +11% Skill Crit. rate and I can convert it into Speed Fire. Also two augments of accessory gives me +3% and +4% Skill Crit. rate as well. Skills are mostly for Power but I can change to Focus if needed if I need to do opposite and increase Crit. rate.

If there is already a post about it please give me a link. if not, please let me know how much Skill Crit. rate in %% I should target. 

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