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Vanguard Update - CLASSIC


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Even tho I  am tired of waiting for any improvement on Classic.. I have to say I had a bit hope when Vanguard was announced! I was expecting a huge update, merge, new areas.. What a fool! After reading the preview.. it is even more clear NC does not care about Classic. Maybe only the few left that keep loving this game and getting your NCoins... cuz besides this.. there is nothing left for us!

Aden server will get many things we have been asking... then Life comes.. and for us? Those ridiculous victory coins and enchanting hate... which we all know are 0.0000000000000000001%. 

I don´t have anything else to say. Totally disappointed! 




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I hope they didnt have room on the thread to add all the amazing updates they have for us...like instances ,new zones and everything weve been waiting for and writing on forums about for 3 years.. which Essence is getting.
But we all know the truth . Classic is left for dead and we are the fools who keep hoping they remember us. 
Ahh im sorry, they do remember us . They keep giving us p2w events so we can fund the other server progression .
Happy for the guys in essence , enjoy !

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