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How does Adena contract? How to level up fast?

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I am Devrim Mehmet, I just started L2 Classic Talking island.
My Character is currently level 40, and name = ULUTURK
I'm waiting for your suggestions on how beginners to the game can level up fast, how fast Adena can be built.
My character is Titan by the way.

I haven't seen any beginner's guides and can't get soulshot and pot money out.
What am I doing wrong?

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Welcome to the game.

Titan is a great class.  Your best bet is to join an active clan that can help you.  There are several out there.  You will need to see what kind of gear they can help you with.  This game is all about doing damage and taking damage.  As for adena, they cut for everyone, there is no adena unless you setup some pure adena farms to feed your main.  However be prepared to fight for those spots as a lot of people run their main party and then have adena farms to support them.

Your number goal right now is to find an active clan, in my opinion.  They will help level you, and gear you and share their knowledge.

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