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Free Primegaming Coin Cache Code

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I don't play the game but someone might as well get some use from the code


Where do I get my content?
To redeem your code, first you will need an NC Account. You may create one here.

You must redeem the L2 Coin Cache by June 6, 2022; otherwise, it will expire. Now, copy your code and follow the instructions below:

1) Log in to your NCSOFT Account > ‘Apply a Code’ section.

2) Enter your Lineage II: Aden code. Press Activate.

3) Select Aden server and the character that you wish to receive the item.

4) Once selected, the item will be sent to the in-game Dimensional Warehouse. (You will receive a confirmation email when your code redeems.)

5) Log in to your Lineage II Aden server.

6) Finally, navigate to a Dimensional Warehouse NPC in the nearest town to claim your new item.


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