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Attendance Gift Crafting Ticket: WTH????

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Why @Juji? Why???

  1. Attendance Gift Crafting Ticket gives you a chance of a gold Attendance Gift Box (35%) or a blue Attendance Gift Consumables Box (65%)
  2. I clicked "Craft" and won a gold Attendance Gift Box (35%)
  3. I click on gold Attendance Gift Box ... only to receive the blue Attendance Gift Consumables Box anyway
  4. Reaction: WTF??!!!! 🤬

Seriously, do you really hate us that much that you couldn't REMOVE any chance of getting a blue gift consumables box from the gold Attendance gift box? The gold boxes should contain limited time boss jewels, gems, 7-day Vitality Maintaining runes, XP runes, etc., etc., not more of the same consumable pots that players get elsewhere in the 18th anniversary event .

Why do I get the feeling that something was changed at the last minute? I bet Korea got actual cool prizes from the gold Attendance Gift Box, not more consumables.

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Update: I did manage to get a Leviathian's Circlet from one gold Attendance Gift Box, but all of the other gold gift boxes across my other accounts only took me back to the blue gift consumables box.

It's like going on one of those game shows where beneath turtle shell #1 is the key to a new car, but turtle shell number #2 is a key to the padlock on a pogo stick. You win the key to the car, but when you try to use it, you find out it only works on the lock to the pogo stick. Pretty sure that game show wouldn't be on TV for very long. In fact, in the USA that show would be sued. :)

Maybe next anniversary you can have Korea change it so that the gold Attendance Gift Boxes eliminate blue box attendance gift consumables as a possible "prize"?

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i was thinking the same thing, wtf, but I opened 5, yes 5 rare boxes in a row only to get the normal reward from all of them!!!!    are there rare ones in the normal chests??

YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    JUST KIDDING, NICE!

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The funny part is that I normally save the best for last. But since most of the gold boxes turn out to be blue boxes anyway, I started opening those first. It totally takes all of the excitement, anticipation and intrigue out of opening the gold boxes. Now it's just, "Oh, this again?" Almost as bad as a gag gift. :)

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