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The first twenty-one days of a newbie, and his first impressions...

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Hello everybody!

Just a brief account of the early days of a newbie on the Aden server, some considerations and criticisms, which I believe are constructive. As for these criticisms, may they reach the esteemed @Juji and @Arctic.
The first moments were electrifying! For an individual who has stayed away from the game for over ten years, it is surprising how much the game, the dynamics and the speed of it have changed. Being able to reach level 60 in a matter of minutes was unexpected, inversely proportional to the time it took to get out of that same level 60 and reach 70. Minutes became hours and hours became days.
One of the biggest challenges was and still is finding a possible place to level up. Kamael's! Kamae's everywhere! Legions and legions of winged beings! Disputing the mobs since their respawn!
It's something bizarre! And followed by the horde of orc overlords. I honestly missed something that occurred in some areas of the game which was specificity. In past chronicles some areas were designated for archers, mages, melee...
I noticed that there is only a weakness to a certain element and to attacks of a physical nature on mobs.
Another point is the interval, the "hiatus" between one quest and the next due to the level. It's excruciating to have to jump through these "chicken coops" for 1 or 3 levels. The number of areas, their size and the number of mobs contained in them do not meet the demand, due to the number of boxes, characters and in a way the restriction of a very wide range of levels (60-80).
The outcome of this situation is disappointing. Even if circumstances unintentionally establish a "preference", a "tier list" of races and classes, with the ranged right in front of the melee.
In my case, which prefers the following classes and in that order, you can already imagine what I'm going through:

1 - Warcrier
2 - Warlock
3 - Warlord
4 - Paladin
5 - Spoil

But I liked the server, this "Aden" format was very welcome and elaborate. I hope to continue here and with all my heart that something could be done about these details that I mentioned.
Everyone have a great day and a good game!

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