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PK protection between characters with a level difference greater than 10.

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Hello everybody!

As you well know, Lineage 2 is a game in which the difference in Status, Strength, Power... between characters is possible to obtain by different means. And one of the requirements for using some resources which allow such potential is the character's level. Not to mention individual and collective merits. The character's level is a prerequisite for the use of some skills and with that the use of attributes proportionally.
It's a fact and has been present since the game's creation. As a way to calm the spirits of some players, in some versions and chronicles prior to Aden, a buff was made available that protected newbies against attacks from characters with more than ten levels of difference between the two.
I would like to request, and discuss the possibility of returning this protection, or the creation of an item, a scroll, a potion that prevents PK, and anti-game attitudes of characters who abuse this practice, which consists of killing characters many times with more 25 levels of difference between him and the target.
As I said in another post I'm a new player in Aden, but returning to Lineage 2 due to the anniversary and I was a player present in the first moments of the American server. I wouldn't care if I got killed by someone I provoked or allowed me to even fight back. But how can I fight a level 90 character with mine at 68?
Not to mention the predisposition and what I intend to do at that moment, I just want to level up, get my stuff. This auto-attack system was innovative, it facilitated the creation and development of the character for many. However, the tool is incomplete because there is no effective countermeasure to an eventual attack by a player being in the endgame and trying to compensate for their frustrations, their limited real-life characteristics (or the pitiful, pathetic dimensions of some parts of their body) in a game.
I ask you to evaluate the possibility, even if it pays, of a countermeasure. There is no need in my opinion to create a PvE server like Korea did, I believe that a simple scroll, a buff, a potion can be more than enough.
Everyone have a great day and a good game.

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I don't know the degree of independence or autonomy between the NC Soft's. Whether there is freedom for creation and decision-making based on the context and demand of their respective communities. As for the protective measures created by Korea, I see them as pragmatic, and in a way "carnival, fanciful", even for a fantasy game. I'm new to the community and to this Aden version, but in this short period of time what caused me the most curiosity and in many cases revolt was the "forgetting" of some places, measures and resources that were once present in the game. An example was the buff offered by the Newbie Guide and/or Gatekeeper that protected new characters from attacks from opponents with more than ten levels of difference between the levels of the two. Simply returning this functionality and allowing it to be used regardless of character level would solve the problem. If they "deem it necessary" that cover adena, lcoins or Ncoins...

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