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Help needed for problem with pet and drops going into MY inventory NOT his

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For starters. I'm a 114 Feoh and began using a pet to pick up drops (mainly in Primeval Island) months ago due to auto-pickup no longer working for ranged toons. I have the "move and pickup" actions in my mouse macro. Everything was working fine. I averaged 35 t0 50 scrolls farming for 3 hours a day with the occasional crystal of dawn. Selling them to buy shops brought me in 2.5 to 3b a day. Occasionally drops would go into MY inventory instead of my pets though. I would delete the L2 system folder and do a "repair files" to reinstall them and that would take care of the problem.

Ever since the maintenance on June 29th this problem has started again and now only getting maybe 15 scrolls farming for 3 hours if I'm lucky. No matter what I do nothing is resolving this issue and as far as I know I'm the only one having this problem. And yea, I submitted a support ticket and all they did was give me the run-around and were no help at all and said the QA team was working around the clock to come up with a solution. Yea, right. (This is my 3rd ticket to support regarding this.)

I've been farming Primeval Island every day for 3 hours for MONTHS and am at a loss.

There's got to be a bit of code somewhere in the files that tells the drops to go into my pets inventory instead of mine. If anyone know anything about what could possibly be causing this and can point me to what file is perhaps corrupted I would REALLY appreciate it. This is driving me crazy and isn't making any sense whatsoever. Thanks for any help you can give me, short of telling me to /uninstall.

P.S. I'm running Windows 10.

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