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  1. I have prestige and the destiny pack. I have a +13 R99 Bloody Retri, +8 Bloody Robes, etc etc. Not all of us can afford +12 Bloody or Limited weaps. Tanor is full. Alligator island is pretty much full. I am not a newcomer. I've been playing since C3 but some of us take breaks. People have jobs and a life. It if was so easy to hit lvl 110 why is the majority of the server 106-108! Look around and take notice or are you too busy afk farming to do so.
  2. And those of us that are lower than 110 keep getting kicked under the bus! So damn sad. We need help too!
  3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++100
  4. New Hunting Zones

    Oh well, so much for those of us 107 to 108. This is really getting BORING. Everyone afk macros. Parties are non-existent for those at my level.. ALL hunting areas are full! I need 14.5% for 108. It'll just be more of the same.
  5. I couldn't change to my Dual class if I wanted to!!! I've got 122 items in my inventory... some of which cannot be stored in my private warehouse. There are so many duplicates of items, i.e.; Emperor Special Cocktail, Freya's Ice Rose, etc, etc, etc.!!! Fix this... are you people that incompetent that you can't remedy this problem after EIGHT (8) YEARS!!! In case you don't know, which I highly suspect, you can only have 95 items in your inventory to be able to change from your main to dual!!!! So many of us have been playing for 15+ years and our warehouses are crammed full, which includes useless items we CANNOT destroy!!!!! For God's sake, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Abnormal amount of disconnects

    Same, disconnecting a LOT on Chronos since the update. Fix the servers please!
  7. I'm about ready to take another break... AGAIN. I'm a Feoh Archmage and need 21% for 108. After doing solo, Imperial Tomb, Storm Isle and Primeval I have nothing to do! All the lower level farming spots fill very quickly!! There are so many areas that are going to waste... USE IT! This is crazy!!
  8. Isle of soul - TOI - Plunderous Nerf

    The average lvl in chronos is 107-109 at most. FIXED.
  9. Recent Return Thoughts

    I care and feel the same way. I've taken breaks but kept up with the changes; i.e. server merges, etc. This last update is a slap in the face. At this moment in time I don't know what I'm gonna do. I have fairly decent gear (at least I think so) and am 74% into 107. I also run a clan and a I have a responsibility to my clannies. I guess I'll just go through the motions for now but I simply don't give a darn any more.
  10. And not everyone has multiple OVER enchanted weapons at their disposal. I've got one weapon... a +13 Bloody Retri with 3 SAs snd 15% m.crit.dmg augment. That's all I can afford. I still have my S80 Jade Claw and want to put it on Sheylan's Fists...
  11. There aren't many people running around with +21 R110 weaps, Draecke.
  12. That is not true. My +13 R99 Bloody Retri has the same pink/purple glow and it has the Imperial Stuff appearance. My Evis has Blessed R96 +12 Fista with Jade Claw S80 app... same +12 pink glow as her +13 Bloody Fists with no appearance.
  13. I'm not letting this go. I won't settle for it. There's got to be some kind of resolution @Juji. There are " enchant effects, etc on armor". yet we still have modify armor scrolls. Are they next? All the Devs do is take things away from US, the ones that pay for your salary. There is no fun left in this game.
  14. I spoke with Juji in a private pm today while he was at Fantasy Isle about the status of getting any kind of Modify Weapon Scrolls back.Here's our basic conversation... doesn't look good. @Juji@Hime
  15. Guess I was stupid to think for one moment they'd fix things. Just WOW! @Juji @Hime. Lots of people going EXIT - STAGE LEFT!! Hope you're happy now!