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  1. Sudden LAG!!

    If anyone wants to download the WinMRT app that NCsoft support uses to pinpoint your latency issues are occurring you can download it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/ Host address is icmp.us.ncwest.com.
  2. Sudden LAG!!

    This is what I've been dealing with. You name it, I've tried it. And yes, I put in a support ticket and after submitting a DxDiag and WinMRT Report they said "sorry, we don't know when this issue will be resolved." I'm on wifi and never had this issue before. Unfortunately it's not possible for me to connect via a wired connection. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - Loss % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |---------------------------------------------------------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|------| | - 2 | 558 | 552 | 1 | 15 | 145 | 6 | | - 4 | 510 | 492 | 11 | 32 | 183 | 22 | |static-216-36-30-249.md.cpe.atlanticbb.net - 4 | 506 | 487 | 8 | 34 | 139 | 22 | |static-216-36-30-205.md.cpe.atlanticbb.net - 6 | 474 | 447 | 15 | 37 | 137 | 21 | | lag-102.bear2.Washington111.Level3.net - 4 | 518 | 502 | 15 | 39 | 193 | 34 | | ae-32-0.ear1.Dallas1.Level3.net - 97 | 118 | 4 | 0 | 2117 | 4266 | 55 | | - 4 | 505 | 487 | 48 | 69 | 194 | 114 | | 64.25.32-9.ncsoft.com - 4 | 502 | 482 | 48 | 70 | 159 | 56 | | 64.25.32-26.ncsoft.com - 4 | 501 | 481 | 49 | 70 | 219 | 55 | | 64.25.32-116.ncsoft.com - 6 | 477 | 452 | 49 | 69 | 219 | 117 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider
  3. Sudden LAG!!

    I've been having bad latency issues all day. Been lvling my Iss at Bloody Swamp and I'd watch my toon and everything around him stop for 30+ seconds and then it would all catch up and my xp bar would increase then stop again with LAG... rinse and repeat. I finally logged off. No use wasting the few pots I have left.
  4. Rudolph Agathion (Event)

    Yea, it works. Wasn't logged in long enough the first time.
  5. This never happened until 2 weeks or so ago. I'm on a wifi and can't connect via a wired connection because I'm renting a room in a private home. I did talk to AtlantBB and all they did was reset the modem/router.
  6. @JujiHow about having those so-called devs finally resolving the latency issues. Yes, I submitted a support ticket with my DxDiag file and after running HiJackThis and WinMRT they come back and say " At this time, we are aware of the current issue regarding latency and the devs are currently looking into this. I'm afraid that there is no estimated time of when the issue will be fixed. Your patience and understanding is appreciated," This has been going on for months!! It appears to be regional and fluctuates. No further comment... otherwise I'll most likely be banned.
  7. Rudolph Agathion (Event)

    I didn't leave it out for 20 minutes and logged out. Now when I ltry and log back in I'm facing big time lag/latency issues once again and have to force quit before eventually DCing. I sent a support ticket in yesterday and after them having me run HiJackThis and WinMRT they came back with the usual response saying the devs are aware of the latency issues and are working to resolve the issue. This is such BS! It definitely appears to be regional. The WinMRT exe file basically runs a traceroute after logging into L2 and running the app.
  8. So I equipped my Rudolph Agathion tonight that I've had for years and he no longer gives buffs. WTF... it use to. Seems like every time I log into this game these days the devs take the fun out of one thing or another and it sucks!
  9. Disconnection Problem got worse

    Well, after running HiJackThis and WinMRT I got this email this morning: Hello, Thank you for providing the requested file. At this time, we are aware of the current issue regarding latency and the devs are currently looking into this. I'm afraid that there is no estimated time of when the issue will be fixed. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. Regards, NCSOFT Support Team So much for that. The weird thing is I was able to log in late last night and didn't experience any lag at all and no dc's so i don't know wth is going on.
  10. Disconnection Problem got worse

    Wow! I'm impressed with NCsoft's support. I received a reply within 30 minutes and they've been very responsive for the last few hours having me run different tests to get to the bottom of these lag and disconnecting issues. *fingers crossed*
  11. Disconnection Problem got worse

    Wish I could say the same. I put in a support ticket... *cough cough*
  12. Disconnection Problem got worse

    +1 If I do manage to log in I either can't move, DC or lag so bad I wouldn't even think about actually playing. I'm on a laptop running Windows 10 Build 1909. I'm on a wifi connection but has never been an issue before. Nothing I do resolves this. Time to put in a support ticket but we all know how that goes.
  13. Just logged in and can't move!! And to think I was considering playing again. SMDH
  14. I've been playing L2 since Oct. 2005. Doing Antharas, Valakas etc. wasn't always about the drops. For some of us it was just for the thrill and fun of being a part of the raid with 100+ other people. Also, if you can't see the greed of NCSoft that's been going on for years you need to take your blinders off.
  15. NCSoft killed this game because of their greed. I still log in but don't really play. It's more or less for nostalgia. All my friends have pretty much quit. I don't see any sense in leveling up any longer. Why would you? This game is dead and over. Sure you can afk macro to 110+ but if you don't have the gear what's the use. I'll forever be a 105 Feoh Archmage.