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  1. @Juji@HimeDC's continue. People having problems logging in. Yet we get no information from you whatsoever!! NCWest sucks!! Hire some real IT people. Do something ffs!
  2. Gee, 3 Dandy Golden Balls... thanks! /sarcasm off
  3. DC #12... FFS do something!!!
  4. DC #10.... Jesus, Mary and Joseph... fix this!!!!!
  5. I could list a number of reasons for this lag and constant DC's.
  6. Incoming Dandy Balls. Pathetic. smh
  7. #7 or is it now #8... I've lost track
  8. Do something!! Fix it!! And to hell with the Dandy Balls!!
  9. Not all of us are willing to spend the dollars/adena needed to add more atk. attribute, especially in this late stage of the game. The updates only set us back further rather than helping us. Screw it! I no longer give a damn.
  10. Turn off the stupid yellow outline that surrounds players and mobs!!! It's very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!
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