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  1. Juji Producer L2 Team 1,145 1,203 posts L2 Team Posted August 20, 2020 I mentioned this several times on the forum and we have gone to the Dev team requesting to add them back in any capacity, but cannot for the same technical issues. My last response regarding the appearance stones was on July 29th: "We cannot sell or distribute these weapon appearance items anymore on Live because of technical issues t
  2. Armor textures are messed up. You see the default not the actual armor. SMH
  3. We were better off before this pathetic migration to AWS. Servers are in bad shape and the worse part is they don't seem to give a rats ass. No status updates.. No compensation. But then again, it's what we've all grown accustomed to with NCwest.
  4. @JujiSo much for this new server. DCing a lot! Lag when opening warehouse, claiming clan rewards etc. Please fix this! This is unacceptable, especially during an XP event.
  5. Full vitality and 30 day maintaining rune sounds like fair compensation to me.
  6. Just another copy/paste... lame. *heavy sigh*
  7. Another FAILED Event. Why am I not surprised.
  8. @Juji@HimeDC's continue. People having problems logging in. Yet we get no information from you whatsoever!! NCWest sucks!! Hire some real IT people. Do something ffs!
  9. Gee, 3 Dandy Golden Balls... thanks! /sarcasm off
  10. DC #12... FFS do something!!!
  11. DC #10.... Jesus, Mary and Joseph... fix this!!!!!
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