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  1. Pig Event where you had to shoot them with your Salvation Bow. Pigs in towns, at castles, etc. Great fun and still have my Salvation Bow and a +12 one.
  2. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    My VIP4 has 10 days left. I'm done and have gone back to Chronos. Wish you all the best but I refuse to "fill" NCsoft's pockets any longer.
  3. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Who the hell cares. 8 hr maintenance. 12 hrs to be able to log into forums and website is STILL down!!! LMAO
  4. This dwarf just cant decide - Giran

    They don't care. Never have. Never will.
  5. I cant purchase NCoins

    Count your blessings and save your money.
  6. Let me know how the queue goes for you tomorrow after maintenance. LOL
  7. AND you end up FISHING!! BINGO! There's the problem.
  8. Changing the spawn rate for that RB won't help with the queue. LOL Changing the respawn time for that RB won't help with the queue. LOL
  9. I'm done with Classic.

    Why not? That's my decision. If you don't like it stick it.
  10. I'm done with Classic.

    I'm not running with a boxed toon. Maybe after 13 years it's time to retire or take a break. I'll keep logging into Classic to collect the rewards though.
  11. I'm done with Classic.

    A good percentage that are logged in are either AFK fishing or those that have multiple accounts. LOL
  12. I'm done with Classic.

    I spent all but 85k on upgrading to a mage staff.
  13. I'm done with Classic.

    Some of us, including myself, are on limited incomes. Paying the bills comes first. Had one person laugh at me when I said that. He obviously thinks buying Ncoins is a priority. Poor thing.
  14. I'm done with Classic.

    Curios... what class are you?