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  1. I think we all know who you're referring to. Damn kid.
  2. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be running around with a DW. At least I have a +14 Limited Retri.
  3. What's it with the venirs? What am I missing here? I get the event items from xping and average about 30 per day.
  4. How much is the initial investment? How much LUC do I need to make it worth my while? Any tips? There is nothing to do ingame. Everyone is playing the event.
  5. Yea, nice event if you have money or adena to throw away on it. Some of us don't. Interesting to see how many really serious gamblers we have in L2.
  6. Damn, the price of NCoins is dropping. They ere selling for 23m+.
  7. Figures, I spent 280b for a +14 Limited Retri 3 weeks ago and now I'm poor.
  8. I suppose you have a tril sitting in your inventory to spend on a DW. 99% of the server doesn't have close to that amount of adena. Once again, this event caters to only those who have deep pockets. Oh, and btw... I've been playing official since Oct. 2005.
  9. It's enough to make ya sick! Just when ya thought P2W couldn't get any worse that it already was... ENTER the DRAGON WEAPON EVENT!! The state of the game economy is really gonna be fk'd up now and us lowbies will fall even further by the wayside. They can stick their Dragon Weapons where the sun don't shine!!!
  10. Over +20... smh. Back in the day over-enchanting a weapon meant something. Now it's simply bragging about how large the limit is on your VISA/MasterCard.
  11. What's the name of the raid and who do you get it from? Also, what lvl do you need to be? Thanks, Sly.
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