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  1. I've been playing L2 since Oct. 2005. Doing Antharas, Valakas etc. wasn't always about the drops. For some of us it was just for the thrill and fun of being a part of the raid with 100+ other people. Also, if you can't see the greed of NCSoft that's been going on for years you need to take your blinders off.
  2. NCSoft killed this game because of their greed. I still log in but don't really play. It's more or less for nostalgia. All my friends have pretty much quit. I don't see any sense in leveling up any longer. Why would you? This game is dead and over. Sure you can afk macro to 110+ but if you don't have the gear what's the use. I'll forever be a 105 Feoh Archmage.
  3. RIP Antharas and Queen Ant.
  4. Hero chat

    +10 Give the option back to turn off Hero shouts!! It's disgusting! Who wants to listen to their drama!
  5. Only way to shut them up is to block them individually. They've killed this game.
  6. how to make adena?

    They already did kill the spirit of the game. Game over. Now we have to put up with hero shouts and no way to shut them up.
  7. Leveling after 95

    Like you said... so very sad. They've ruined this game. More and more people quitting every day. What fun is it in afk macroing??? BORING!!!
  8. What's the point?

    I drew my own conclusions years ago when I stopped lining NCwest's pockets and became a lot less active. So many of my friends have quit or rarely log in. But you totally missed my point when I said soloing/afk macroing is BORING!! Unless you don't appreciate the company of others.
  9. What's the point?

    Guess that makes me a total lamer. When I was actively playing I would've much rather be in a party. Where's the fun in using macros and soloing?
  10. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Exactly why I'm not upgrading my bloody weapon or armor until they get the kinks worked out... not holding my breath
  11. I'm in the process of searching for a replacement for my 5.5 year old Samsung laptop that is running Windows 7 and is outdated. Plus, come January 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide updates and support. I've been checking Amazon and BestBuy but the reviews are so conflicting so I'm looking for some honest opinions. Below are the specs as to what I'm looking for. Price point is no more than $1200 usd. * preference 17.3" * / 15.6" Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 * / 1050 Ti 256 * / 128GB SSD + 1TB HD 16 * / 8GB Memory Backlit KB & not squishy to the touch Speakers NOT underneath the laptop Good cooling Good wifi -------- Don't need or want touch screen or 2 in 1 I've looked at Asus, Acer, Alienware, MSI, Lenovo, and Dell. Suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks guys.
  12. Pig Event where you had to shoot them with your Salvation Bow. Pigs in towns, at castles, etc. Great fun and still have my Salvation Bow and a +12 one.
  13. Why i doubt ill be sticking around

    My VIP4 has 10 days left. I'm done and have gone back to Chronos. Wish you all the best but I refuse to "fill" NCsoft's pockets any longer.
  14. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Who the hell cares. 8 hr maintenance. 12 hrs to be able to log into forums and website is STILL down!!! LMAO