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Game crashing after launcher (win update)


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My windows got automatically updated and I can't launch the game properly. To be more specific, after I press "Start Game" from the launcher, the game seems to be loading, however, when the window opens (before EULA) it suddenly crashes, producing they grey Crash Report screen. Scan file or deleting option.ini doesn't help.

I had the same issue 3 weeks ago; the only thing that worked was to uninstall windows update, but that doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to do, especially when it's described as security update. Unfortunately, submitting a ticket in the support was not helpful, as they instruct the default baby steps of sending dxdiag.txt or installing "hijackthis".

Prior to that, the PC could keep up from downtime to downtime, without issues. Also, 2nd PC (different setup) works fine, so ISP issues are off the table. Looked online, found similar thread on Innova forums, but they don't explain how they fixed it.

Anyone experiencing same issue? Any help, please?



Version: EP50_Global,NL_s,V2110409,362
BuildDate: Wed Aug 24 12:46:46 2022

Time: 2022.9.19 21:36:13 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1,Duration=32]
PosCode: 0:0:0
OS: Windows 10(64) 10.0 (Build: 9200), Service Pack 0.0
CPU: GenuineIntel  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz @ 3594 MHz
CPUInfo: 4,2,4,0
Memory: 139705KB
PrivateMemory: 272536KB
Video: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (8001), DX v4.9r904
Option: 1920x1027_MW0_H0A0K__
Scene: 0_0_0
Stat: 0
Replay: 0_1
WorldRaid: 0_0/0
ClientSocketClosed: 0
NPAuthSocketClosed: 0
Sev: 0_
VideoResources: 0 MB
MAC: D4-20
IME: ???


History: GFxUIManager::InitGFxSound <- GFxUIManager::Init <- NConsoleWnd::InitializeGFxUI <- NConsoleWnd::Initialize <- NConsoleWnd::Init <- UGameEngine::InitConsole <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

Code [EXCEPTION_READ_VIOLATION  DataAddress:0x00000013]
Address [0x773CE894]
SegCs [0x0023]

OLEAUT32.dll [0x773B0000] Offset [0x0001E894]




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